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Ultraviolet And Ultra Effective

When it comes to the effective treatment of water in pools and other wet leisure environments, UV Systems are now an established choice, particularly in commercial settings. Their success is no real surprise when you consider UV’s many benefits, but their big selling point is a large reduction in the use of chlorine as a sanitiser. As more pools make the switch to UV, there’s plenty of product choices to consider we take a look at the options By Karen Witney


t is now a well-known fact that UV is an extremely powerful disinfectant, effective even against cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia. These particularly nasty microorganisms can survive in a pool despite the use of chlorine. In addition to its biocide action, UV has a powerful oxidising effect successfully removing organic pollution from pool and spa water. When UV is used in conjunction with chlorine, the chloramines that cause eye and skin irritation are firmly kicked into touch. Although hugely effective, UV is a secondary disinfection process that is used alongside, primarily chlorine as the principal disinfectant in swimming pool and spa water. The reason for this is that UV only treats water as it passes through the lamp, therefore a sanitiser such as chlorine is needed to ensure constant defence throughout the rest of the system. It is possible to reduce the sanitiser level by as much as 50-80% down to as little as 0.5ppm. Pool water treated with UV will use less chemicals so needs less backwashing and will also improve heating costs. So… a UV treated pool uses less chemicals, needs less backwashing and reduces both water and heating costs but that old stalwart, chlorine, is still very much key. With plenty of options available, we focus on just some of the ultra effective options that are making water safer through the power of UV.

ELECRO SYSTEM PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE INTERNAL REFLECTION Available from Plastica, H.R.UV-C is the newest member to the Elecro family of sanitisers. Designed using the latest knowledge of highly reflective reactor casing materials, the H.R.UV-C produces up to 95% reflectivity (if you compare this to stainless steel reactors only 20 to 28% reflection is typically achieved). The H.R.UV-C is 100% sea and saltwater compatible, unlike stainless steel units that suffer corrosion issues.

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The super reflective properties of the Elecro H.R.UV-C optimises the UV-C radiation and dramatically increases the performance. The inside surface casing is extremely repellent and therefore self-cleaning. Intelligent electronics indicate when the lamps are not producing sufficient UV-C and need to be changed, ensuring the unit is always performing optimally. The H.R.UV-C is compatible with and complements all traditional treatment methods including; chlorine, bromine,

Available from Plastica, H.R.U V-C is the newest member to the Elecro family of sanitisers

active oxygen / hydrogen peroxide and salt electrolysis. A narrow and extended chamber ensures maximum exposure to the powerful UV-C. It is easy to use and install, can be retro fitted to any existing pool system – a self-cleaning system, reducing the need for maintenance. The intelligent lamp life indicator signals when the lamps are no longer producing sufficient UV-C and need to be changed. Ensuring your unit is always performing optimally and has a long lamp life, up to 9,000 hours, ensuring that the unit is performing optimally. Also available is Elecro’s Spectrum Hybrid which provides the next generation of UV water treatment. The Spectrum Hybrid unit creates Hydroxyl Radicals, which are essentially a water molecule with a hydrogen atom removed, causing the molecule to be highly volatile and reactive. The exceptional mobility of the molecules that fill the reaction chamber leads to the destruction of pollutants in their path. Once the Hydroxyl Radical has reacted with the pollutant it converts back into water.

ATG EVOQUA UV RANGE – IMPROVING WATER QUALITY ACROSS THE INDUSTRY From the smallest hydrotherapy pools to leisure centres, spas and water parks, Evoqua ATG has a UV system to meet the needs of the aquatics industry with flow capability from 5 up to 5,000m3/h. The latest addition to Evoqua ATG’s product range is the compact Wafer® UV generator. It’s about one third of the size of comparative units making it easy to install and retrofit in the most restricted of plant rooms. The eight models in the range use the latest in medium pressure UV lamp technology, in single and twin lamp configurations to handle flows from 5 to 600m3/hr. As with Evoqua ATG’s WF range includes UV intensity monitoring, over-temperature control and automatic cleaning.

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) February 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) February 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...