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Providing The Power Behind Circulation

Providing powerful circulation for pools and spas of various sizes, pumps are essential components found at the centre of every effective plant room. Over recent years, the introduction and increasing use of variable speed technology has led to cost savings but increased options too. Thankfully though, choosing the right pump just became much easier as we highlight some of the best models that are available this year By Jon Wadeson


here are many components that make up an efficient pool or spa system but sitting right at the heart of them all, the pump provides the power behind effective circulation. These quiet and hard working products are an essential piece of equipment, and day-to-day reliability is a top priority. Thankfully, with the technology incorporated into today’s pool and spa pumps, faults are rarely an issue and their operation is virtually maintenance free. Pumps enable a pool or spa in both domestic and commercial seettings to works to their best ability, therefore ensuring that a correctly sized and reliable model is fitted is essential. With money and energy saving Variable Speed options increasingly added to manufacturers’ ranges, the good news is there’s plenty of choice for a range of budgets and this issue, we take a look at just some of the options available.

LIGHTHOUSE POOLS LAUNCH ZODIAC’S COMPLETE RANGE OF PUMPS Having launched the FloPro range in the American and Australian markets seven years ago, Zodiac are now bringing the complete pump range to Europe. Tried and tested the FloPro range is recognised as the ultimate in Lighthouse Pools are now offering Zodiac’s complete tried and tested FloPro range

quality and compatibility. With nine models available, the new single speed range comes with all the benefits associated with its successful variable speed cousins namely: large filter basket, internal 2” thread and 2” external unions and the unique base system facilitating compatibility with most existing installations without the need for plumbing modifications. FloPro also comes in two variable speed options, both with the same benefits and features as the single speed models – the e3 and 160VS. The e3 is a 1hp variable speed pump with three simple, one touch, programmable buttons giving the end user the flexibility to change the pump speeds when desired i/e. for filtration, backwashing and cleaning. FloPro VS160 is a fully interactive 1.65hp variable speed pump. With eight individual, programmable speeds, removable controller and iAqualink compatibility, the FloPro is the ultimate in pool pump technology. Exclusive to Lighthouse Pools, FloPro’s, like all of Lighthouse’s products, are only available through pool installers/retailers at a competitive price, making it one of the go to pumps for the pool industry.

CERTIKIN VARIABLE SPEED PUMPS TAKE ENERGY EFFICIENCY TO A NEW LEVEL The energy saving Viron eVo Pumps are a range of fully variable speed energy efficient pumps to suit all pool sizes, filtration systems and budgets. With 8 star energy rating, the Viron Pump reduces CO2 emissions, promises a quiet operation and long equipment life. Compared to conventional single speed pumps, the Viron eVo pump will make dramatic savings on operating costs. Most swimming pools are effectively filtered and sanitised with flow rates ranging

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For larger pools, multiple spa jets, water features or in floor cleaning systems, Certikin offer the Viron P600 eVo pump with an impressive 36 m3/hr flow rate

The E.Swim by DAB offers variable speed or variable flow function helping to reduce energy usage and running costs

from 7-12m3/hr. In fact, they will never require more than 15m3/hr – 18m3/hr for tasks such as cleaning the filter or vacuuming the pool, and for these the Viron P320 eVo is ideal. However, for larger pools, multiple spa jets, water features or in floor cleaning systems, a larger capacity pump may be required. For these applications, the Viron P600 eVo pump offers an impressive 36m3/hr flow rate. The Viron eVo has been carefully designed for ease of operation. Three programmed speeds are factory pre-set and will suit most pools and most applications. Each speed, however, can be adjusted with a simple press of a button. Operation is intuitive to make the Viron eVo as user friendly as possible. In addition, to the Viron range, the new energy saving, variable speed E.Swim pump is also now available for the 2017 pool season. Compact and suitable for different pool types, it is ideal for the replacement of old pool pumps as the pipe connections are identical to the popular Euroswim Pump. 21/01/2017 00:09

SPN (Swimming Pool News) February 2017  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) February 2017  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...