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Alternative Water Therapy Providing that all important clean and safe water experience is a must for any pool or spa owner. Traditional methods of water treatment are still popular, effective and proven, but with an ever increasing range of alternative water treatment products and systems on offer, is there such a thing as the best solution? Of course, opinions vary so this issue we examine what’s available for the new season By Karen Witney


herapy might seem like a strange word to use in water treatment but that is exactly what the pool or spa water receives when a treatment is applied. In the Encarta English Dictionary one of the descriptions for therapy is: ‘treating of something with agent’ and ‘an act of subjecting something to a physical, chemical or biological process or agent’. There are a number of very successful alternative treatments used all over the world that ensure the water is safe and bacteria free as well as keeping it crystal clear. The most popular alternatives to date are bromine, which is popular for use in hot tubs due to its workability in higher temperature and pH. Active oxygen is another widely used choice as is ozone and natural minerals such as copper and silver. Chlorine is of course still the most accepted method of treatment but with so many effective alternatives available, consumers now have a full range of choices to suit their own particular needs. We look at the innovative and increasingly wide ranging ‘therapies’ you can offer your customers to ensure all is well in their pools and hot tubs and at the same time treat your revenue to an extra dose of profit.

MAGNAPOOL – A REFRESHING AND NATURAL WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM FOR ALL POOLS Magnesium is one of the essential minerals required for our bodies to function properly. It is found in seawater as well as the human body and all living tissues. In particular, we know that magnesium is beneficial for soothing pain, caring for the skin or easing muscular problems and the relaxing virtues of magnesium-enriched baths have been recognised for many years. MagnaPool™ is an exclusive magnesiumbased water treatment system for swimming pools that combines the natural properties of MagnaPool’s own unique mineral blend with an exceptionally fine filtration system. The system combines three unique components for a healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly, mineral-enriched swimming pool:

Zodiac Patented MagnaPool™ minerals – which dissolve in the pool water. Zodiac Crystal Clear – glass crystals filter medium, which provides ultra-fine filtration. Zodiac Hydroxinator – an exclusive water treatment unit that purifies water automatically by hydroxination. The self-contained system is easy to use and provides exceptionally clear water without adding any sanitising chemicals. The intense clarity is made possible by combining two innovative factors. Firstly, the powerful natural clarifying properties of magnesium in MagnaPool™ minerals. Secondly, exceptionally fine filtration using Crystal Clear glass media. When the swimming pool water is treated manually, the concentration of chlorine varies between each addition. This generates fluctuations that can adversely affect treatment effectiveness and bathing comfort. With MagnaPool™, the natural purifying properties generated by the Hydroxinator act gently and constantly, without the saw-tooth effect. The result is continuously disinfected and healthy water that is perfectly balanced. “MagnaPool™ was launched in Australia in early 2014 to wide acclaim from the pool trade with

MagnaPool™ is an exclusive magnesium-based water treatment system for swimming pools that combines the natural properties of MagnaPool’s own unique mineral blend with an exceptionally fine filtration system 71-74_SPN_Feb_16_Water_Treatment.indd 71

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