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Water Filtration For A Wet Leisure Nation Some of the most important products that lie at the centre of any modern and efficient water cleansing system are those associated with filtration. What was for a while a fairly uninspiring sector has seen a number of innovations over recent years and filtration products, in their many guises, are now viewed as essential for providing effective water management and cost savings. This issue, we showcase just some of the available filtration solutions By Jon Wadeson


hen it comes to filtration options for the water circulating in UK pools and spas, there really is a wide range of options available for an equally wide range of operating environments. Often found hiding behind the scenes, and previously regarded as somewhat low tech in their operation, products within the filtration sector have benefitted from a number of recent innovations which have improved solutions for what is without doubt, a critical part of any wet leisure set up. As a result of the advances made, some products have become more flexible, others are now more durable and some are reducing the amount of water that is used. All of these help to lower operating costs, so naturally, the developments are welcomed by both the trade and even more so by the owners and operators of pools and spas. With numerous options already available, combined with an ever-widening range of emerging technologies and products, it can often be hard to stay on top of what’s on offer, so this issue we highlight just some of the current crop of filtration options for installations across our increasingly wet leisure embracing nation.

TPF’S CERAMIFLO MEMBRANES PROVIDE ULTRAFILTRATION Danish company Liqtech have provided membrane filtration technology to a multitude of industries for many years and more recently they have pioneered a pool filtration system. Recognising the potential for microfiltration, Total Pool Filtration (TPF) established an agreement with Liqtech to develop the UK market under brand name Ceramiflo. A three-year period of research and development has allowed TPF to make some improvements to the operation and the maintenance of the Danish system and fully automated membrane cleaning has been integrated into their package. Ceramiflo membranes have a 3mu pour

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removes more dirt from the pool and that dirt is frequently removed from the membranes, leading to a drop in chlorine usage. Finally, since the membranes are cleaned mainly with air, backwash water usage is reduced by up to 60%.

EVOQUA’S NEPTUNE BENSON MAKES WAVES WITH ADVANCED RMF Total Pool Filtration’s Ceramiflo systems are entirely automatic and are monitored over the internet as part of the Ceramiflo service contract

size which consistently filters out 85% of all 2-3mu particulates. This is an extremely robust strategy in the removal of crypto sized particulates which are understood to be 4-6mu in size. The membranes are made of silicon carbide which is extremely durable and resistant to degradation. This compares very favourable against traditional filters which require costly media changes and refurbishments. There are currently two Ceramiflo systems installed in the UK and a sixmembrane system is due to be installed in Trafford this autumn. The systems are entirely automatic and are monitored over the internet as part of the Ceramiflo service contract. Staff intervention is now simplified with no need to operate and backwash their filters. Ceramiflo is very compact so when old plant is due for replacement, they can often slot into the plant room with the original filters remaining. Furthermore, they are often installed seamlessly with no interruption or disruption to bathing. As a smart choice for pool operators there are some big gains to be had in terms of sustainability. Ceramiflo

Earlier this year, Evoqua Water Technologies introduced the Defender FP-Series regenerative media filtration (RMF) system which has been designed to deliver maximum performance for swim schools, health clubs and other small to medium size commercial aquatics venues. The next generation Defender® FP series targets smaller pools than the original Defender® line, bringing the same superior performance, quality and product support to a new segment of pool owners who are committed to providing their guests with exceptional water quality with the lowest operational costs. Owners of these smaller facilities can achieve significant operational savings as compared to conventional sand filtration, including up to 90% less water wasted in backwashing, 50% less energy consumption, and 30% less chemical usage – while achieving unparalleled water quality and clarity. In addition, the amount of space required for the Defender FP-Series filtration systems is approximately 75% less than the space required for conventional filtration systems. Designed with advanced modelling tools and Evoqua’s Defender FP-Series regenerative media filtration (RMF) system has been designed for small to medium size commercial aquatics venues

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