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Avonite Flex™ – Comfort And Jacuzzi To Expand Australasian Reach With Elegance For Hot Tubs And Vortex Acquisition Swim Spas Aristech Surfaces LLC is pleased to introduce a new, patent-pending material – Avonite Flex™. This innovative surface material gives a refined look to hot tub and swim spa interiors and lends itself to the creation of elegantly designed products for the wellness sector. With the launch of the new material the American multinational hopes to redefine luxury within the wellness sector. The innovation makes it possible to design a whole new kind of practical product with a premium aesthetic, to complement any decor. Avonite Flex™ is resistant to staining and chemical cleaners, allowing it to withstand the intensive cleaning involved in hot tub and swim spa maintenance. Moreover, its non-porous, bacteriostatic surface limits the growth of microorganisms, making it a perfectly hygienic material. Developed by a leading surfacing pioneer, this new material offers all the most sought-after functional properties: supplied in sheets or rolls, it is manufactured 3mm thick and is available in widths of up to 2740 mm and two colours – Alabaster Wave 8705 and Pure Alabaster 8701. It also boasts outstanding thermoformability, allowing it to be vacuum formed over the sharpest angles and the most hard-to-reach recesses. Drawing on their experience with designer materials, Aristech created Avonite Flex™ with an elegant, matte finish. As part of the Avonite® line of products, Flex naturally offers the brand’s famous soft feel and signature texture. Like all Avonite® materials, it can be milled, machined, etched and even stamped. In addition, despite the innovative character of Avonite Flex™, Aristech Surfaces LLC was very careful to design a material that would not require manufacturers to invest in new equipment. Aristech Surfaces 020 8065 5405 www.aristechsurfaces.com

Jacuzzi Brands LLC (Jacuzzi Group) has entered into an agreement to purchase Vortex Leisure Pty Ltd a leading spa retailer in the Australasian region and all the company’s subsidiaries (together Vortex). Headquartered in Nelson, New Zealand Vortex has 15 retail stores around Australia and New Zealand operating under the Spa World brand. The purchase will allow the Jacuzzi brand to expand its geographic reach in the world’s third largest market, while also significantly expanding its global retail presence. The acquisition also provides Jacuzzi Group access to the popular Vortex and Fisher brands of products. Dave Jackson, CEO of Jacuzzi Group, commented: “We are excited to be partnering with the entire Vortex team and welcome them to the Jacuzzi Group family. We know that our combined expertise will provide a win-win situation for both businesses and, most importantly, our customers.” Vortex has been a leader in the Australasian spa market for almost 30 years and recently launched the awardwinning Vortex IKON model to create a unique flagship model to accompany their more traditional range of acrylic spas and swim spas. Speaking about the acquisition, Vortex CEO, Andrew Pullen said: “We are overjoyed to be joining the Jacuzzi Group. It is quite humbling to be acquired by the ‘name that started it all’. I am confident that our combined reach and know-how will ensure our future stability and prosperity, as we move into a new era of business development.” Vortex Spas +61 300 980 922 www.vortexspas.com.au

President Of Watkins Wellness Plans to Retire in 2022 Watkins Wellness, a leading manufacturer of hot tubs and aquatic fitness products, has announced the retirement of Steve Hammock, who has served as Watkins’ President for 25 years. Over his 40-year career at Watkins, Mr Hammock held several key positions, including Marketing Manager, Director of Sales & Marketing, General Manager, and Executive Vice President, prior to being appointed President in 1997. During his tenure he focused on establishing a clear vision and shared goals for the workforce and driving his team to achieve its full potential. Under his leadership, Watkins consistently delivered results. “One of the keys to business success is an engaged workforce,” said Hammock, who

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sees himself as “communicator in chief”. He expanded: “We established the Watkins Way as a set of values that reflects who we are as a company. Among those values, transparency stands out head and shoulders above the rest in its effectiveness at delivering results, and in where I see my role.” VJ Teenarsipur, Executive Vice President at Watkins, will be taking over the role of

President on 1 January 2022. At that time Mr Hammock will move into an Emeritus position until his last day at Watkins on Friday 1 April 2022. In his current position, Mr Teenarsipur supports commercial functions including sales, marketing, product development, and strategic planning and feels well equipped to transition to his new role. “It has been a wonderful experience learning from Steve. I am most excited about the exceptional team we have at Watkins. We have a strong foundation and will continue to build on it,” he said. Watkins Wellness +1 760 598 6464 www.watkinsmfg.com

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