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Triogen® AOP Clear Combines UV And Ozone Technologies For Use In Commercial Pools Scottish-based manufacturer triogen® joined the BIO-UV Group in 2019 and as a result of the merger, the group recently unveiled its new triogen®AOP Clear system for swimming pools and spas, with integrated technologies and mastered know-how. Featuring an innovative process which combines the disinfection and oxidation properties of Ozone, medium pressure ultraviolet light and hydroxyl radicals, triogen® AOP Clear is one of the most advanced water treatment solutions that are available for the rapid removal of organic and inorganic pollutants not removed by Ozone or UV alone. Commercial swimming pools benefit from its triple-action for hard to remove contaminants such as chloramines and other residuals commonly found in the pool water, keeping it cleaner and clearer than ever before. The triogen® AOP Clear is the result of 30 years of experience in water treatment which has now been updated for the 21st century with a new HMI and ‘Plug and Play’ features whilst the UV lamp located at the front of the unit helps to facilitate maintenance and operations in tight environments. AOP Clear is an ideal, single solution that removes the need for separate deozonation for a wide range of public and commercial swimming pool environments, including waterparks, leisure centres, destination spas, school and hotel pools plus many more. Triogen® 01355 220598 www.triogen.com

Whether Big Or Small, NIVEKO Have The Perfect Pool Solution

The aim of NIVEKO’s corporate philosophy is to accentuate the individuality of each and every customer and to offer a product that reflects his or her unique personality down to the finest detail. The range of pools available from NIVEKO mirrors this approach with two skimmer and five overflow options to choose from. This broad portfolio enables the firm to offer the maximum amount of flexibility and regardless of whether a small, medium or larger pool is required, the quality of the technologies used is always equally high. This extensive range is made possible by the fact that the firm’s pools are all manufactured on an individual basis. This means that the NIVEKO portfolio does not offer any standard dimensions or any pools with pre-set configurations. Everything, including the pool size, is fully configurable, meaning there is no limit to each customer’s dreams and ideas – which can be transformed into reality without the slightest compromise. The same is also true of the shape, where the current trend of rectangular lines continues to dominate. However, the customisable range of options for NIVEKO pools certainly doesn’t end there. There are six pool colours to choose from, eight different step types and many built-in pool parts too. One beautiful example of a smaller pool is the NIVEKO Evolution. This one blends in perfectly with the garden of the semi-detached house. As space was limited, the pool had to be customised literally with centimetre precision, although the sizing options meant that the greatest possible amount of free space was used. Complete with Apollo steps and NIVEKO Plus stainless steel built-ins, it is proof that even a small pool can make a big impression. NIVEKO s.r.o. +420 572 693 246 www.niveko-pools.com

Aqua Fingers – The Revolutionary Pool Broom The unmistakable Aqua Fingers broom from Waterco is the first pool broom specifically designed for fibreglass, tiled and vinyl lined swimming pools. This truly multi-purpose product is suitable for use on a variety of pool covers plus pool coping, windows and glass fences too. The patented Aqua Fingers® make cleaning swimming pools easier and quicker as more surface area is covered by its high-density microfibre chenille attachment, flexible body and

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curved underbelly. This ensures no nooks or crannies are missed. All it takes is a quick sweep to clean curved corners, ridges, crevices and steps on smooth pool surfaces thanks to a flexible

design that manoeuvres around tight spots and awkward areas. The premium microfibre chenille attachment is gentle on smooth surfaces and the flexible head easily dislodges particles from tight areas. Built to last, Aqua Fingers comes with a two-year product warranty and replacement chenille attachments are also available. Waterco Europe 01795 521733 www.waterco.eu

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