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HeatSeeker® – An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Introducing The New Gemma Collection From Ezarri Ezarri starts the season with its new Gemma collection. Inspired by the outstanding Spanish swimmer Gemma Mengual, it is a mosaic collection which combines the sporting and artistic virtues of the discipline in which she has been champion so many times. And as you would expect, in this collection the Ezarri mosaic shines with its own light. Exactly like the exploits of Gemma Mengual herself in swimming pools around the world. Gemma, a name of Latin origin, encompasses all the different types of precious stone, perfectly imperfect and ideal for incorporating into a new mosaic collection with which to cover swimming pools, spas and wellness areas. Inspired by these wonders of nature, the new Gemma collection shares many virtues with them including uniqueness, brilliance, durability, respect for the environment and extraordinary beauty. The result is that each Ezarri mosaic in the Gemma collection has unique veins and an infinite number of reflections. This

makes it an ideal tile to achieve the highest possible expression of beauty. Always unique. With this collection, Ezarri immerses itself in nature, both taking inspiration from it and using 100% recycled glass. In this way, projects can be created that blend harmoniously into any environment and which are extraordinarily beautiful and environmentally friendly too. Another of the specific features of Ezarri’s new Gemma collection is its outstanding durability, due to the quality of the materials, the most advanced manufacturing technologies and Ezarri’s exclusive JointPoint® panelling system. Twelve style references are grouped into four tones in the collection, so there are three style references in Sand tones, three in Green tones, three in Blue and the same number in Grey. Ezarri Mosaico +34 943 164 140 www.ezarri.com

Inverter heat pumps have quickly become more widespread as customers become aware of fuel price increases and they prefer more cost effective and energy efficient ways to heat their swimming pools. Plastica’s latest HeatSeeker® Inverter Heat Pumps can consume less than 12% of the electricity of conventional electric pool heaters maintaining the same heating capacity. Models in the HeatSeeker® range produce a COP of an average five times for every one kW of electricity consumed, running with an air temperature of only 15°C. If the air temperature available increases, the efficiency can be over eight times the supply power. Plastica’s latest range comes with inverter technology that not only gives a low start-up current eliminating any power surge, but also the variable fan speeds allow it to keep the pool water at an optimum temperature while maximising efficiency. Another benefit of this is a much quieter operating noise level than any previous ranges, making conforming to environmental legislation no problem. The integral variable fan draws air across an evaporator, heat from the airflow is captured by the refrigerant flowing through the body of the evaporator. This refrigerant is of an R32 type that is acceptable under all new regulations. Having extracted the heat from the air, the refrigerant is condensed and its heat then transferred to the passing pool water via the titanium heat exchanger. Plastica’s comprehensive range of HeatSeeker® Inverter Heat Pumps will cover the full heating requirements of pools from 25m³ up to 85m³ of water volume and will work efficiently for the whole season. Plastica Pools 01424 857802 www.plasticapools.net

Will 2021 Be The Year Of The Stretch Ceiling? Stretch ceilings provide a number of advantages in the pool hall environment but there’s been an increased focus on their use recently due to a plaster shortage during lockdown combined with a desire for greener building materials. With this in mind, Easy Ceiling boss, Elena Likhodaeva, predicts that the stretch ceiling market in the UK will see rapid growth in 2021. Stretch ceilings are the perfect choice for swimming pools. They are incredibly strong, waterproof and bacteria resistant, so are ideal for the humid and moisture heavy environment of an indoor swimming pool. They offer a huge choice of design options and due to their strength and impermeability, stretch ceilings are incredibly low maintenance too. However, one of the most compelling

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arguments for stretch ceilings versus other ceiling materials should be the single fact that they are 100% recyclable. None of the other commonly used materials can lay claim to being even 10% recyclable let alone 100%. Stretch ceilings are also more energy efficient. Because they are fitted below original ceilings, they create an air layer like the effect of double glazing, minimising energy loss. Stretch ceilings also reduce the air in the room to be heated and even better, you can put additional

insulation into the air layer. Due to these sustainable attributes, Easy Ceiling is working with the University of Brighton’s award-winning Green Growth Platform to help spread the word about stretch ceilings. Green Growth Platform’s Commercialisation Manager Lorraine Bell was so impressed that she installed a stretch ceiling in her conservatory and commented: “Stretch ceilings are 100% recyclable, they create less waste, and you can put insulation above them to conserve energy. They also look cool. Why wouldn’t you want one?” Easy Ceiling 01825 873525 www.easyceiling.co.uk

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...