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Vertical Invertech Model Joins SCP’s Heat Pump Offering

Cranbourne Stone Brings Cotswold Charm To Any Garden The Cotswolds is well-known for its quaint chocolate box cottages made from beautiful rustic stone, which give its buildings and the surrounding landscape its distinctive look. This popular stone has the creamy coloured hues and uniqueness that is proving a must-have in current swimming pool and landscape trends. Although charming, the famous Cotswold limestone, which originates from the rural area, is prone to weathering, making it unsuitable as a sustainable paving choice. Cranbourne Stone has found the solution with its unique Cotswold Mint Sandstone which retains the beauty and charm of the traditional Cotswold limestone while overcoming its proneness to weather damage and degradation. “The colour and look of Cotswold stone is extremely popular for the coming season,” explained Jo Standfield, Cranbourne Stone’s Sales Director. “It has the warm cream and honey-coloured tones that are catching

the attention of landscapers and designers around the country.” Cranbourne Stone’s Cotswold Mint Sandstone is a hard-wearing and practical material, which creates stunning patios, terraces, paths and even swimming pool surrounds. It has the unique traditional look, texture and colour of natural Cotswold limestone but also the longevity required for areas of high use. Importantly it is also non-slip, making it perfect for the wet, winter season. For those looking to achieve the same Cotswolds charm but with a modern edge, Leckford Sandstone fits the bill. This elegant sandstone with buff tones and a lightly sandblasted textured surface for added slip resistance is the ideal material to construct beautiful contemporary paving and swimming pool surrounds. Cranbourne Stone 01264 810813 www.cranbournestone.co.uk

SCP UK offer a number of heat pump solutions and one of their popular lines has been the InverTech series from Garden Pac. Covering pools with volumes of water from 35m3 to 95m3 and introduced in 2020, the Vertical Invertech Turbo range has also been a huge success, perhaps as the result of one of its special features. During standard use, each heat pump runs at the capacity needed to maintain heat levels and keep running costs as low as possible. However, as the name suggests, each Vertical Invertech Turbo model has a unique booster function meaning heating performance can be 20% higher than the label capacity. By pressing the ‘boost’ button, the heat pump can run at full capacity which allows for the quick heating of any pool. This is possible thanks to larger compressors and evaporators. With an average COP 10.6 at 50% capacity (Air 26°C / Water 26°C / Humidity 80%) and a maximum COP 15.5, double energy savings are provided. The Mitsubishi DC inverter compressor and Full Inverter Fan motor offers owners a six times quieter swimming environment when maintaining pool temperatures and with heating and cooling functionality, owners can heat up the pool water or cool it down during hotter weather, or if maintaining exact Produced using robust aluminium casing, the Vertical Invertech Turbo is built to last and also comes with a seven year warranty on the Titanium Heat Exchanger and Compressor, plus a two year parts warranty. Soft start standard on all models, as is Wi-Fi too, meaning real-time monitoring and control from a smartephone or device any time and from anywhere. SCP UK 01293 546126 www.scpeurope.com

Pool Tiger – An Innovative And Effective Water Enhancer As a100% natural way to purify water, Pool Tiger is one of the most revolutionary, innovative and efficient technologies on the market! With a budget of US$20m, Pool Tiger technology was originally developed for the oil industry, to sanitise wastewater from drilling operations. In 2015 (after 15 years of research and development), the product’s inventor decided to commercialise the technology. After one further year of design and development, Pool Tiger finally became a device to purify the water within swimming pools and was released to the market in 2017. Featuring a number of benefits that will enhance the water in any swimming pool, Pool Tiger:

www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 15_SPN_December_20_Prod+Eco_News.indd 15

• Kills bacteria, algae, viruses and parasites • Reduces chlorine/bromine use by up to 75% • Helps balances pH of pool water and helps to keep acidity levels low • Lowers corrosive effects of high acidity, increasing life of pool equipment and finishes • Causes suspended particles to aggregate, so they are removed in the next filter cycle, making your pool water sparkle! Activated by flowing water driven by the pool pump, the impressive product requires no electricity or chemicals to operate. It installs in minutes and with no assembly required or replacement of parts needed, maintenance

time is cut to a minimum. By installing Pool Tiger, the capabilities of the pool filter are improved and a safer and cleaner swimming pool experience is achieved. In addition, the product infuses water with negative ions to help boost serotonin levels and reduces the risk of illness and the use of acid. Pool Tiger Europe +46 40 42 10 00 www.pooltiger.eu

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...