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WORLD NEWS INTERBAD 2018 IS A SUCCESS STORY With over 14,000 visitors, 416 exhibitors and more than 90 talks, workshops and panel discussions, October’s Interbad event held in Stuttgart has been hailed a success by all that attended. The concept of the trade fair, which is organised by the German Association for the Recreational and Medicinal Bath Industry (DGfdB) together with Messe Stuttgart, impressed both exhibitors and visitors alike. Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, President of Messe Stuttgart, emphasised the unique concept: “It successfully combines the areas of swimming pools, saunas and spas. Both in the public and private sector. Interbad is unique, especially in the sauna industry, and creates synergies for the industry, retailers and service providers.”


Having served as the CEO of the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF) since 2003, Thomas Lachocki, Ph.D. has announced his plan to retire in 2019. Under Tom’s leadership, NSPF has grown from offering one product – Certified Pool & Spa Operator® Certification – to becoming a market leader, delivering education and promotion to the residential construction, pool service and commercial pool operation sectors. Tom’s vision created the World Aquatic Health™ Conference (WAHC), which in 2018 celebrated its 15th year of exploring scientific advances and bringing together the leading thinkers and influencers in aquatics. As NSPF’s and the WAHC’s influence have grown, Tom has become a sought-after speaker, advocating the benefits of aquatics, scientific advancement, and reasonable legislation and policies. To help encourage healthier living, Tom was also instrumental in founding the Step Into Swim™ Campaign (SIS), which serves to create swimmers and reduce drowning, increase healthy activity, and build demand for a health-focused aquatic industry. 31_SPN_Dec_18_World_News.indd 31

Update On The Merger Between Fluidra And Zodiac In July, Fluidra and Zodiac closed their merger and during the recent Piscine Global Europe Expo in Lyon, the company hosted a conference to update the trade press on the recent merger. The new combined company has kept the Fluidra name and remains listed on the Spanish stock exchange. It now has 5,500 employees, a portfolio of some of the most widely recognised brands in the industry and a presence in over 45 countries. Mergers on a local level in the different countries will be done gradually, making the maximum effort to transfer the benefits of the merger to each client. The new Fluidra is now adapting its organisation in the different markets and bringing its teams together, always aiming to offer the best possible service to its customers. In Italy, Spain and Portugal,

Welcome to the New Fluidra


the teams are already working together under the same roof in Bedizzole, Polinyà and Trajouce, respectively. In Germany, the new combined organisation has started to act as one under the same management, but still operates as three different legal entities: Zodiac Pool Deutschland, Fluidra Deutschland and SET. In Australia and South Africa, companies work as a single structure and the respective mergers will take place as soon as all legal and business aspects allow them to be completed. In France, Fluidra Commercial France and Zodiac France will

remain as two separate entities in 2019 under the sole management of Stéphane Figueroa. Both Fluidra France and Zodiac France have been working together for several months to find the best way to offer added value to their customers. “The opportunities in the pool industry are very exciting,” said Eloi Planes, Executive Chairman of Fluidra. “Pool and wellness markets continue to show positive dynamics with room to grow for all of us. We are very confident to be able to translate the advantages of the new Fluidra to our customers. Bruce Brooks, CEO of Fluidra, also highlighted: “Innovation will play an important part of Fluidra’s new strategic plan. We have more than 100 new products in the pipeline and a portfolio of over 1,000 patents powered by a robust R&D programme, which adds value for both customers and end-users.”

Penetron Protection For Boutique Black Sea Hotel

Located in a small village of just over 6,000 inhabitants, the new Sea Club Hotel is part of a larger effort to develop tourism in Divnormorskoye, located on the Black Sea. The intimate boutique hotel is the first of its kind in the Russian village. The main building, resembling a 19th-century castle, offers ten luxury guest rooms and is surrounded by a dozen classic-styled cottages, as well as swimming pools, a sauna and tennis courts. The hotel beach also has a pier for boats and yachts. Penetron Admix was used to treat the concrete for the swimming pool, the hotel maintenance

building, and the below-grade structures of the cottages. Penebar SW waterstop strips were laid out to seal the construction joints, and Penetron topical material was applied to all exposed concrete surfaces to ensure a waterproof matrix. Penetron crystalline materials can be applied to both fresh and existing concrete structures – for protection, repair and renovation – to eliminate cracks, voids and fissures. Once applied to the surface of newly-poured and existing concrete structures, the active ingredients in the Penetron materials react with concrete minerals to form insoluble crystals. This treatment permanently seals the concrete against the penetration of water or liquids from any direction, providing long-lasting protection from deterioration. “The Sea Club Hotel infrastructure is confronted with the saltwater of the Black Sea on one side and the pressure of the freshwater in the main swimming pool on the other side,” said Larisa Motornaya, Director of Hydroprotection, the local Penetron distributor. “Penetron crystalline products are the best way to increase the resistance of the concrete to both the chloride penetration and keeping water out.”

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2018  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2018  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...