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DOSING PUMPS & CONTROL SYSTEMS have risk assessments and method statements (RA MS) been considered?” Once these details have been established through quantifying the initial perhaps along with a site survey, the specification can be drawn up and quoted. The CertiDos range includes components right from injectors up to multi parameter controllers with remote connectivity functionality and the CertiChem team will happily quote full system packages. Once ordered, a single delivery containing everything required for the installation then occurs. There are points to consider from here on in which will help with managing the clients expectations and ensuring the job goes smoothly. If a site survey was performed, there may have been points raised that need to be addressed. As a minimum, CertiChem have a check list of actions which helps the customer and the end client prepare in time for installation day and good communication at this stage reduces the chance of a ‘failed visit’. Preventative Maintenance is crucial for continued satisfaction with the equipment and is another opportunity to make a sale. Once the client is happy with the support and the equipment they’ve received, the hope is that they will come back for their servicing and maintenance needs and CertiChem offer a variety of services to suit their customer’s requirements. “We realise that chemical dosing isn’t everyone’s area of expertise. In fact, we know some of our customers actively avoid it,” said Vaneesa, adding: “We hear horror stories of bad experiences and vows never to install a system again. But why shouldn’t any trade customer have access to another stream of revenue?”

INTELLIGENT CONNECTIONS FROM LIGHTHOUSE Lighthouse Pools have something just a little bit different in the guise of the Zodiac iAquaLink, a system which takes the expense and complexity out of automation and which delivers a user

Available from Lighthouse, Zodiac’s iAquaLink is an easy-to-use and intuitive control system

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In addition to a wide range of products, Certikin’s CertiChem team offer a 5 step approach to automatic dosing

There are a number of cost effective and fail safe products that are truly water treatment supervisors that beaver away unobtrusively in the background to deliver top notch water quality” friendly and highly affordable solution. iAquaLink provides complete control at the touch of a button. Developed in house by Zodiac and Jandy, it’s an easy-to-use and intuitive control system suitable for both new build or existing swimming pools or spas. It integrates with a whole range of equipment including filtration pumps, booster pumps, pool lights, background lighting, heat pumps and boilers as well as iAquaLink compatible water treatment systems to name just a few. With its intelligent connections, the product can also be used to monitor and adjust pool water treatment when installed with compatible equipment like the Zodiac TRi chlorinators or Magnapool hydroxinators. This can give the customer complete control and automation of their pool system, allowing access from anywhere via an internet connection. As well as the integrated user interface, iAquaLink can be controlled by the web interface or using the great apps available for both Android and iOS smart devices. Pool professionals have the ability to access multiple pools from a single account, providing the opportunity to check and monitor multiple client pools and spas from the office, or on the go, which saves both

time and money. iAquaLink, TRi and Magnapool products are available as exclusive Lighthouse dealer products in the UK and are not available to source on the internet.

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