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Automation Helps To Provide Perfect Water Quality Reliable, essential and increasingly high tech, dosing pumps and control systems are the unsung heroes in any water treatment system as they quietly go about the business of delivering regular and accurate amounts of chemicals into pool and spa water. Convenient and easy to use, the automation they provide has made the life of owners and operators that much simpler and we roundup what’s available By Karen Witney


hanks to advances in technology, automatic dosing and control systems have significantly jumped forward over recent years. The accuracy, reliability and convenience of dosing chemicals make these super systems a must in commercial pools and they offer many advantages in any domestic setting too. These super supervisors of the plant room cut down the time spent on the testing of pool and spa water and avoid overdosing, meaning users and operators can be secure in the knowledge that the water is without any nasties and is safe to swim in. There’s no more guess work and the result is inviting, crystal clear water. There are a number of cost effective and fail safe products that are truly water treatment supervisors that beaver away unobtrusively in the background to deliver top notch water quality and in addition to dosing, the more advanced control systems now offer owners and operators the option to operate key equipment such as pumps, lighting heat pumps and more. In many cases, these systems can be utilised remotely too, meaning anyone, including pool companies can monitor and adjust functions when necessary. Perhaps best of all, these reliable recruits don’t take tea breaks either! So all in all, there’s a quite lot to like about the latest in automation and dosing systems and the many advantages that they provide.

GOLDEN COAST OFFER AN EASIER APPROACH TO AUTOMATIC DOSING Ask any owner the downsides of running a pool and chances are that chemical level management appears high in their list. But, according to Golden Coast, it need not be this way. Golden Coast Managing Director Jamie Adams said: “Automatic chemical dosing 69_70_72&74_SPN_Dec_2017_Dosing_Pumps.indd 69

can be a blessing for pool owners. It saves time on testing, avoids dosage mistakes and ensures water is always clean and clear. With so many benefits, it’s hardly surprising that we’re seeing such clear growth in demand for pool dosing systems. “But while it can be a great profit centre for pool companies, not all companies are equipped to deliver the dedicated, specialist knowledge or resources required to meet this growing need. The extra staff, knowledge and training it demands can appear more hassle than it’s worth – despite the potential profits. “That’s why we have two great ways of making automatic dosing that bit easier for you… and your customers.” Launched earlier this year, Golden Coast’s exclusive outsourcing service Crystal gives pool companies automatic dosing specialists… without increasing overheads (or causing headaches). Crystal’s team of experienced engineers are equipped to handle the whole process: from conducting a free on-site survey to specifying equipment and service requirements right through to delivering a planned maintenance schedule. Jamie adds: “We’ve designed Crystal to make things easier for you, as well as your customers. It really is the best of both worlds.” The company also custom control panels, and while many things that are custom may be viewed as luxury, it makes good economic and practical sense when you’re installing control panels for automatic dosing.

Golden Coast’s Crystal outsourcing service gives customers custom fit control with expert handling from on-site survey to planned maintenance schedules

“They’re a real game-changer,” said Jamie, explaining: “With off-the-shelf products, you often pay for functions that will never be used, while sacrificing ones you need. Choosing custom-built panels, you get exactly what’s needed and the options allow you to both monitor and control your dosing system.”

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2017  
SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2017  

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