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New Dawn Choose Ingenious Genie Heating Solution When it comes to building magnificent swimming pools, Certikin customer, New Dawn Pools certainly know a thing or two. But, when it comes to water leisure, beauty is more than just about good looks – jump into the pool and what becomes important, is the temperature of the water and for that you need a responsive and efficient boiler like Certikin’s ingenious Genie. Gloucestershire based New Dawn Pools were given the brief to “build the biggest pool in the location for use all year round”. The resulting stunning new build pool was sited on the bank of the River Thames in Shiplake, near Henley. The beating heart of this 20m x 5m pool is tucked out of sight in the plant room and, strictly speaking, it has two hearts to cope with the sizeable pool. New Dawn’s Managing Director, Richard Adams said: “The Genie boiler was chosen for its fast heat up time as it is a condensing boiler it is very efficient to run all year round and, being so compact, it was very easy to install. It certainly looks the part on a

high end install such as this.” Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the super-efficient Genie range delivers a staggering 94% efficiency compared to standard direct-fired pool heaters, which typically operate between 60 to 80%. Modulating output for accurate temperature control, the heater reduces its gas consumption as the boiler gets close to the required temperature and therefore maximises efficiency. The lightweight compact design unit is supplied ready-to-go with a 3-pin plug and is suitable for spas or pools, including those with salt chlorination. Available in 20kW, 36kW and 49 kW and supplied with Natural Gas, they also come with a propane conversion kit. New Dawn Pools 01367 253333 Certikin International H&V 01993 778855

Heatstar Expansion Creates Jobs And Increases Production Capacity Heatstar, the British owned manufacturer of swimming pool environmental control units, has enjoyed unprecedented success during 2017. In response to this increased demand for their renowned, high quality products, Heatstar has actioned two significant investments. Firstly, they have invested in a premises expansion enabling the offices and stores to be relocated. This has released more than 2,000 sq ft of space for increased production activities. Secondly, with a clear focus on maintaining quick delivery lead times for their products, the company has invested in a significant programme of job creation. The sustained growth which Heatstar has experienced has enabled them to make a 20% increase in the production workforce over the past year alone. In addition to their reputation for excellent customer service and maintaining their position as one of the market leaders in the areas of energy efficiency and cutting edge product design and innovation, Heatstar have enjoyed another factor helping to drive their success. Because their products are manufactured exclusively in the UK, the company has been able to avoid imposing the burden of excessive price increases which have been frequently attributed by other manufacturers to differences in currency rates. Heatstar 01983 521465

Introducing Calorex’s New Brand Identity Environmental control specialists Calorex have unveiled their new company logo as part of an ongoing evolution of their brand. The Calorex logo hasn’t changed in approximately 40 years and the news marks the most dramatic change in their visual identity since the company was formed. A new symbol, which is to represent energy flow, will be present on all their products and will give them a more distinguished look in the UK and across the world. “Our new logo will better communicate 23&25_SPN_Dec_17_News_Eco.indd 25

what Calorex stands for today and into the future,” said Anne Guerrero, Marketing Manager at Calorex. “Recent changes within our organisation have expanded Calorex’s capabilities and reach, and there was a need to see our identity upgraded to reflect those changes. “The new logo represents a forwardthinking organisation that keeps us on par with our competitors and projects a

stronger brand image.” Torben Duer, Dantherm Group CEO, said: “The new Calorex logo is part of the ongoing Dantherm Group branding that will help establish our plans and vision for the whole organisation going forward. “The Calorex brand is instantly recognisable, but after 40 years it was now time for that to embody the company we will become in the future.” Calorex 01621 856611

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