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Whatever The Style, A New Generation Waxman Has The Tile Of Polystone® – polyurethane dot mounting Based in Elland, West Yorkshire, method to ensure a smooth Waxman Ceramics have been install in any pool or spa. With servicing the ceramic trade for so many colours and styles to over 30 years and are one of choose from, you’re sure to find the UK’s leading suppliers of the perfect tile and finish for swimming pool tiles and mosaics. your next project. Designed specifically for With a focus on sourcing only swimming pools and available in the highest quality products and a range of colours, designs and a dedication to unparalleled sizes, they offer a large range of customer service at its core, mosaics, anti-slip pool surrounds Waxman is proud to provide a and large format tiles suitable for total solution for both domestic both indoor and outdoor pools. and commercial projects. Their glazed porcelain ranges, To find out more about the Vancouver and Origen, are wide range of solutions Waxman designed to resemble the look Ceramics offer, the company will of natural wood and use digital be exhibiting at SPATEX 2018 printing technology to recreate on Stand D52, 30 January to natural timber in a 206 x 1 February 2018. 662mm anti-slip format. Also joining their anti-slip range are Waxman Ceramics Sahara, Portman and Extend – 01422 371811 all featuring a realistic natural stone effect and offering style as well as safety to your pool surround. Extend’s frostproof design is suitable for internal and external floors and is available in 10 and 20mm thickness. The latest addition to the Waxman swimming pool range is Abalon. Available in six sparkling shades Anti-slip Portman with iridescent tiles offer natural finish, Abalon stone effect style benefits from a

Exclusive To NIVEKO NIVEKO places a strong emphasis on the quality of the components and materials used during the manufacture its swimming pools and the company has always used Polystone®, a top-quality German material from the Röchling company, which represents the current technological leader in the sector. Thanks to a close working relationship with Röchling, during the development of a specially modified and new generation of the Polystone® material, NIVEKO has acquired an exclusivity guarantee, meaning this material is produced solely for the pool manufacturer within Europe, providing a further step forward in the quality of the company’s offering. The special improved formula ensures increased resistance to chemicals and UV radiation and customers will particularly appreciate the quality of the new material thanks to its extremely long service life and high resistance to the effects of chlorine. The material contains UV-stabilisers so that it does not age, and looks like a new after years of use. Customers will also appreciate the beautifully smooth surface finish which does not allow any dirt to settle. Polystone® is a fully coloured homogeneous material and NIVEKO offers it in six colour variants. Three shades of blue are complemented by sand, white and dark grey options. The most desirable colour in the European market is white, which guarantees a nebulous blue azure shade of water in the pool. The current trends in the pool market are marked by an increased demand for a darker grey Polystone® shade, and ever alert to market trends, NIVEKO responded by changing the original grey of the material to a new and exclusive darker grey colour. Pools that include the new material are easily identifiable, thanks to a visual reference on the protective film which incorporates a NIVEKO logo. NIVEKO s.r.o. +420 572 693 246

Competent Water Analysis With New ‘Green Chemistry’ A basic requirement for healthy bathing and swimming is modern water treatment. This has to be optimised not only in the interest of health, but also to retain the value of the facilities – poor water quality can prove very expensive. Of course, the results of any water treatment must be regularly inspected. This is where the Lovibond® water testing instruments and reagents come in to play. The facilities operator has access to analytical instruments and kits which accurately and easily measure and record the actual state of the water quality. In addition to this, it has now proven

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possible to achieve what once seemed impossible – reagents that: are easy to dose, are safe, have a long and stable shelf-life, are extremely accurate, provide reproducible results and reagents that are environmentally friendly, therefore providing conservational and competent water analysis for the user through ‘Green Chemistry’. Whether you decide in favour of the classic pool tester, the innovative domestic electronic pool tester (Scuba II), or a Lovibond® photometer, you may rest assured since all the instruments can be used with the environmentally friendly Lovibond® tablet reagents whose benefits include:

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100% free of boric acid Exact reagent quantity DIN EN ISO 7393-2 compliance Optimal pH buffer system Strict quality monitoring and assurance

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2017  

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