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REFURBISHMENT & RENOVATION Swimming pools can get an instant make-over with Certikin’s smart new high density polyethylene grating (HDPE)

Perfect Pool Makeovers Keeping any kind of pool in tip top condition is always a challenge and as time goes on, often the only option for owners to ensure prolonged use is a complete makeover. The refurbishment and renovation of pools has always taken place but advances in both products and processes combined with specialist knowledge means that downtime is no longer the concern it once was. We take a closer look at the ‘refurb’ options By Jon Wadeson


o keep a pool looking its best and performing well, will require ongoing maintenance. But whilst performance can often be hidden away behind the scenes, looks can’t and there’s nothing more unappealing than using a a tired looking pool or worse still, one that is unsafe and needs repairs to damaged tiling, broken grating or any other features. A pool that can’t be enjoyed is an asset that is going to waste. That’s not so much of a problem for domestic owners, but for commercial operators, that’s lost revenue and potentially a damaged reputation too. Thankfully, there are numerous companies offering products, expert skills and tried and tested knowledge which means that downtime for pools is no longer the issue it once was and this issue we look at some of the specialist companies and solutions that are ensuring interruptions to pool use are kept to a minimum. 63-66_SPN_Dec_16_Refurb_Feature.indd 63

TWO GREAT CERTIKIN PRODUCT LINES, IDEAL FOR A POOL REVAMP Swimming pools that are beginning to look like they’ve seen better days, can get an instant make-over with Certikin’s smart new high density polyethylene grating (HDPE). The new overflow grating combines eye-catching good looks and high impact strength. It can be made to suit any existing or new grating channel and it comes in any depth, any width and virtually any colour. Certikin can also manufacture bespoke items from HDPE such as manhole covers, drain covers, inlet covers and steam diffusers. When comes to adding a touch of class during a pool revamp, Certikin’s new stainless steel fittings kits for concrete pools are the quickest and simplest way to give swimming pools a refreshing make-over. Suitable for new build and retrofit, the transformation kits are designed to turn standard Certikin plastic fittings into luxurious polished stainless steel fittings.

They are available in square (ideal for a contemporary modern look) or round design. The kit includes a cover plate, adaptor fitting and grille or vac cover plate.

PLASTICA’S ON-SITE POOL LINING SOLUTION TRANSFORMS LEAKING POOLS If you are looking for a durable, cost-effective pool liner, then the Extreme™ Pool Lining system is the ideal solution for renovating leaking commercial and residential pools, as well as for new builds too. The unique and flexible Extreme™ liner is a 1.5mm reinforced non-slip PVC material. It’s perfect for even the most heavily used public pools and complex shaped private pools. It can be installed by pool builders or Plastica’s experienced installers at any time of year. The benefit of this system is that, with no curing or drying time to wait for, the average domestic pool would be re-filling after just three days.

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