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An Iconic Facility Harvey Hadden Leisure Centre, Nottingham


he £16m Harvey Hadden Sports Village is the centrepiece of Nottingham’s Leisure transformation programme. The impressive facility created on the east side of the city incorporates a sports stadium, cycle track, leisure centre and swimming pool. As an Iconic Facility, it is part funded by Sport England. The leisure centre features numerous facilities including a sports hall, gym, squash courts, health suite and more, but the main highlight is the new swimming pool. The impressive pool can be configured from a 50m regional competition pool into two 25m community pools, with one of the largest movable floors and traversable booms in the UK. The new pool hall was built adjacent to the existing leisure centre, and in its architectural aspiration satisfies the city’s ambition to provide the highest quality of sporting facility. The pool hall is designed to have a calm warmth. This is achieved through generous proportions, the use of timber for the roof cladding

56 December 2016 SPN 48-49_SPN_Dec_16_Project_Showcase.indd 56

and an abundance of controlled natural light. The form of the pool roof design is derived from two sectional ideas. The first idea was that the roof should be a clear span from the top of the spectator gallery to the pool surround on the opposite side. The second idea was to incorporate north facing roof lights. These sections combine to create a three-dimensional form sloping in two directions, letting abundant light into the pool hall as well as spanning the 34m over the pool tank and spectator seating. The 3m-deep trusses are incorporated into the north light structure. The external walls between the podium and the roof are a combination of solid render, metal rainscreen cladding and glazing, which is carefully shaded to avoid glare on the pool surface or overheating from too much sunlight entering the hall. A key feature of the design is the absence of large air ducts that are normally needed to move air around. Instead, the air handling plant is located at the top of the roof to take advantage of the natural convection air flows that are generated within the pool hall. SPN 28/11/2016 09:55

SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2016