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Safer Pool Environments Safety in and around swimming pools is a topic that always focuses the minds of those working within the industry and whilst an enclosure or safety cover will provide security to a pool, there are numerous other products on the market that will either prevent access or protect swimmers once they are in the pool. This issue, we put the spotlight on a selection of solutions that are making pool environments a safer place to be By Andrea Hartshorne


swimming pool, by its very nature, holds a number of possible hazards and drowning is one of the more obvious dangers. Of course, pools secured by a building, enclosure or pool cover can effectively eliminate the risks of unauthorised entry


but there are occasions when they aren’t employed or perhaps aren’t always an option and what about the safety of swimmers once they have already entered the pool? Thankfully, when it comes to swimming pool safety, there are options galore for both domestic and commercial pool environments and we take a closer look at a selection of them.


DEWS is designed to pick up early swimmer distress signals and pinpoint their location. The system constantly monitors and analyses camera footage using specific algorithms to determine the status of multiple swimmers. A simple traffic light procedure is used for easy operation, green - normal, amber - distress, red - critical state. DEWS can mask swimmers for total privacy and with no wearable technology required, it is discrete and non intrusive. Using overhead cameras connected to a central control unit enables quick installation with minimal disruption. Live information can be fed to multiple devices such as monitors and tablets enabling a quick reaction should an incident occur. They believe their technology provides security especially to unmanned pools such as hotels providing 24/7 monitoring capability where none existed before.

The BlueFox MOBILE System was engineered for swimming instructors teaching in different facilities and supports lifeguards in supervising swimming classes. Instead of a permanently mounted installation, the MOBILE system is a complete system to-go and comes in a carrying case. The monitoring bracelet is able to survey the duration and depth of the swimmers. If both of the programmed parameters are exceeded, the wrist computers releases a signal to trigger the alarm. With this timely notification, the swimmer in trouble can be rescued immediately, even before he gets into a critical medical situation. The bracelets can be programmed individually according to the target group, like toddlers, children, swimmers, non-swimmers. The number of monitoring bracelets per pool is not limited.

Aqua Teik Ltd 023 9319 0660

Deep Blue AG +41 62 767 7799



BlueFox TOUCH provides an extra layer of safety for pools up to 200m2. With the passive mode activated, the sensors in the pool recognise if someone falls into the water and immediately triggers an alarm. During swimming hours, BlueFox monitors swimmers wearing the monitoring bracelet. The technology in the bracelet detects when a swimmer remains under water too long and contacts the sensors at the pool wall to release an alarm. The bracelets can be programmed individually for toddlers, children, swimmers and non-swimmers. The stylish flush mount control panel fits perfectly into any surrounding and is able to forward the alarm to other existing alarm devices. BlueFox TOUCH is designed for domestic pools, hotel pools and ponds.

Safety fencing around pools will certainly reduce the risk of disasters, and potentially fatalities, happening. As as sole UK distributor of Protect-A-Child Pool Safety Fences, Pool Fence UK help their customers reduce this risk. As a stand alone physical barrier, the product has a great number of qualities that make it something to consider installing. To begin with it is aesthetically pleasing and can be removed quickly when not required. In addition, the product is made from high quality materials and the fibreglass posts are guaranteed against breakage. Tough mesh and a marine-grade finishing border complete the fence itself. The colour is built in so it does not fade or flake unlike metal posts. It will act as a wind break and a barrier to stop debris entering the pool too.

Deep Blue AG +41 62 767 7799

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Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

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Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...