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STAINLESS STEEL SOLUTIONS exposure to sunlight, it is easy to clean and its metallic tone provides more beautiful and top-quality finishes to a home’s pool area. Anyone sensitive to the environmental impact of the products they purchase can rest assured: stainless steel is environmentally friendly and totally recyclable. AstralPool has therefore added to its range with the launch of three solutions for enhancing a pool’s finish with stainless steel. LumiPlus FlexiNiche is AstralPool’s new LED projector solution that adapts to any type of new-build or existing pool, as it can be fitted in niches of 180 to 230mm in diameter by just adjusting the screws. Ideal for public, hotel and residential pools, and now available in a stainless steel version (all in stainless steel or with an ABS body and stainless steel embellisher). The High-Water Level Skimmer is another of the solutions available in stainless steel and its main feature is that it gives the visual effect of an overflow pool, as it enables the water line to be placed just below the coping stone (approximately +/-4 cm). The stainless steel embellishers round off this range of ABS pool accessories and enable existing pools originally built with ABS materials to be upgraded.

ASTRALPOOL OFFER ONE-PIECE OPTIONS In addition to offering smaller stainless steel components, AstralPool UK Ltd have supplied a number of complete stainless steel pools ranging from commercial applications to high-end developments. Due to their intrinsic link with the manufacturers through its parent company Fluidra, AstralPool are well placed to build on the existing technical expertise by introducing further R&D of the pools, an example being where different flooring finish options are being developed to provide customers with a variety of styles to choose from. This is based on direct customer feedback where the need for alternative flooring options was highlighted. A couple of years ago, AstralPool introduced new one-piece stainless steel pool options, which offer a degree of flexibility and functionality to cater for this niche market where users desire a high-end product but with the convenience of a one-piece solution. They offer a stunning luxurious finish with functional performance and can be provided with a range of optional extras such as turbine driven counter-current units, loungers and neck massagers. The company are committed to developing this niche sector and have a dedicated Business Development Manager working alongside a technical and project

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AstralPool offer one-piece stainless steel pool options, which offer a degree of flexibility and functionality to cater for this niche market

team. With a remit to develop this area, AstraPool seeks to expand the awareness of the company’s offering to existing trade customers but also to create awareness amongst key architects, specifiers and spa consultants who may be involved at various stages within the design process in this niche market. Based on the fact that customers are continually looking for that exclusive ‘wow’ factor, AstralPool are confident that the demand will continue to grow as a pool with a polished stainless steel finish will certainly deliver this plus much more!

SCANDANAVIAN STYLE WITH GOLDEN COAST When it comes to pool fittings that are well built but also look great, stainless steel never goes out of style. It complements other materials effortlessly, whether it’s used alongside wood, tiles, concrete and more. Achieving a deluxe finish is easy, as leading wet leisure distributor Golden Coast offers a comprehensive range of stainless steel fixtures from the industry’s bestloved brands, such as renowned Swedish manufacturer Pahlén. Delivering form and function, Pahlén’s acid-proof stainless steel fittings are durable, attractive, and finished to the highest quality. The range includes inlets, vac points,

nozzles and skimmers. “The Pahlén wide-mouth skimmer has been designed with the look of the pool surround in mind,” said Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast. “In place of an unsightly skimmer lid, the basket can be accessed from the skimmer’s mouth, and it’s this kind of smart thinking that can help set a pool build apart.” Golden Coast also provides a range of Pahlén stainless-steel counter-current units, allowing owners to get the most out of their pool without compromising on aesthetic and performance. The Pahlén Jet Swim Motion unit is designed around a pair of oval nozzles, with the lower nozzle directed downwards for a more even distribution of streams within the water – helping users focus on strength and conditioning. Also available is the Pahlén Jet Swim 2000, which offers adjustable jet streams up to 71m3/h – making it exceptionally easy for users to make fitness gains.

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The Pahlén wide-mouth skimmer has been designed with the look of the pool surround in mind

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