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THE ALTERNATIVE APPROACH over 50%, significantly reducing power consumption. It draws less current and this translates to high power conversion and less energy wastage, without compromising chlorine output. Hydrochlor’s Power Pack intelligently recognises the size of the connected chlorinator cell and automatically adjusts its power output to suit. An alarm indicates when salt levels in the pool water are too high or too low. If the pool is running beyond the maximum recommended salt level, the chlorinator will limit its output to protect the chlorinator cell. Hydrochlor includes an in-built easy to use timer equipped with battery back up, which will maintain settings for up to 150 hours. The product’s new self-cleaning chlorinator cell features a serial parallel design that enhances chlorine production, whilst requiring less energy. The self-cleaning chlorinator cell has the added ability to reverse its polarity and automatically clean calcium build-up off its electrodes. If no water flow is detected in the chlorinator cell, Hydrochlor automatically switches off the chlorine production to protect the chlorinator cell, and activates the No Flow LED indicator.

CLEAN UP WITH GOLDEN COAST AND THE POWER OF OZONE When it comes to water treatment, Golden Coast offers a wide variety of disinfection products, including the Triogen O3S series. The wall-mounted ozone generators use an active form of oxygen gas that is much more powerful than chemicals such as chlorine. Triogen O3S dissolves ozone gas in water to oxidise ammonia and destroy chloramines, which are responsible for skin and eye irritation, while reducing Trihalomethane levels, resulting in significantly better water quality and improved air quality in the pool hall. “Ozone gas is an exceptional disinfectant against chlorine-resistant organisms, viruses, bacteria and organic matter,” explained Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast. “With Triogen O3S, it is possible to cut the amount

Lowering chlorine use in wet leisure settings, and in some cases, removing it completely, has been a popular option within both private owners and public operators” of free chlorine residuals in half. For example a domestic pool might only run free chlorine levels of 0.7 ppm using ozone treatment, compared to 2 ppm using other disinfection methods.” The Trigen O3S system is designed for maximum bather and operator safety. The ozone gas is generated and injected under vacuum conditions created by a water-driven venturi to reduce the risk of a gas leak. “The generator is built for longterm reliability and features corona discharge modules designed for operation of ten or more years,” said Adam. “The units are compact so will take up minimal space in the plant room and are very simple to install.”

ELECRO SYSTEM PROVIDES THE ULTIMATE INTERNAL REFLECTION Available from Plastica, H.R.UV-C is one of the newest members to the Elecro family of sanitisers. Designed using the latest knowledge of highly reflective reactor casing materials, the H.R.UV-C produces up to 95% reflectivity (if you compare this to stainless steel reactors only 20 to 28% reflection is typically achieved). The H.R.UV-C is 100% sea and saltwater compatible, unlike stainless steel units that suffer corrosion issues. The super reflective properties of the Elecro H.R.UV-C optimises the UV-C radiation and dramatically increases the performance. The inside surface casing is extremely repellent and therefore self-cleaning. Intelligent electronics indicate when the lamps are not producing sufficient UV-C and need to be changed, ensuring the unit is always performing optimally. The H.R.UV-C is compatible with and complements all traditional treatment methods including; chlorine, bromine, active oxygen / hydrogen peroxide and salt electrolysis. A narrow and extended chamber ensures maximum exposure to the powerful UV-C. It is easy to use and install, can be retrofitted to any existing pool system – a self-cleaning system, reducing Available through Golden Coast, Triogen O3S systems dissolve ozone gas in water to oxidise ammonia and destroy chloramines

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Designed using the latest knowledge of highly reflective reactor casing materials, the Elecro H.R.UV-C Steriliser is available through Plastica

the need for maintenance. The intelligent lamp life indicator signals when the lamps are no longer producing sufficient UV-C and need to be changed. Ensuring your unit is always performing optimally and has a long lamp life, up to 9,000 hours, ensuring that the unit is performing optimally. Also available is Elecro’s Spectrum Hybrid which provides the next generation of UV water treatment. The Spectrum Hybrid unit creates Hydroxyl Radicals, which are essentially a water molecule with a hydrogen atom removed, causing the molecule to be highly volatile and reactive. The exceptional mobility of the molecules that fill the reaction chamber leads to the destruction of pollutants in their path. Once the Hydroxyl Radical has reacted with the pollutant it converts back into water.

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