SPN (Swimming Pool News) August 2021

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Teamwork, Excellence And Industry Successes In this latest issue, BSPF Managing Director Chris Hayes touches on the importance of teamwork and the excellent results that can be achieved when knowledgeable and skilled individuals come together


s any sports fan will tell you, there are some individually highly talented people in a team, who can single-handedly do something magical to influence the result of a game, but generally speaking, matches are won with an outstanding team. This summer, the England Men’s Senior Football Team came close to winning the delayed Euro 2020 championships, but for penalties (again)! Whether or not you are a fan of football, or sport at all, in all of our respective businesses, we are trying to harness our own ‘players’ to work within a team ethos, to maximise the performance (customer service, product quality, etc.) and this can take a lot of hard work and reinforcement – just like practising at sport. At the time of drafting this piece, Team GB has just achieved some amazing success at the Olympics, and the next big sporting event taking place is the Paralympics, so it will be fascinating to look back and see how our team performs; hopefully, we have a successful medal haul (and lots of personal best performances). Just as a good team has a manager, they often have a coach to help the players. In business, it is still not that often that a company brings in a coach to assist in areas that may need improvement, so it is worth reaching out to see if there is someone that can (part-time) help you to improve your business. I am aware of BISHTA and SPATA members who have undertaken this challenge by bringing in a business coach/advisor and

found it very useful to improve their team’s performance. In terms of winning trophies, congratulations to all of the BISHTA and SPATA members who have previously won a British Pool and Hot Tub Award, as many of them have now been shortlisted for the EUSA European Pool and Spa Awards for 2021. The nominees are included on the following pages and the 2021 winners will be announced at Piscina & Wellness in Barcelona on Monday 29 November. The delayed 2020 award winners are due to pick up their accolades at aquanale in Cologne on Thursday 28 October. Rigo Spa and Tanby Pools will collect their respective trophies as winning representatives from the UK, so congratulations again to these members. Entries are now being accepted for the 2022 British Pool & Hot Tub Awards, and this event is another opportunity for members to showcase their talents. The awards in 2022 will also be a chance to celebrate three special anniversaries for the industry bodies that have been delayed due to the 2021 SPATEX show being virtual. SPATA’s 60th anniversary (including the first ten years as the Association of Swimming Pool Contractors), BISHTA’s 20th anniversary, and not being outdone, SPATEX will celebrate its 25th anniversary. For more details, please see page 31. Having identified that a team has to keep practising to win, it is so important to keep on learning, and there are many ways that this can be achieved to ensure that people stay up to date with new Regulations, Standards and other guidance. The ISPE offers its members various training opportunities, including the seminar programme at SPATEX. For the latest details about SPATEX, please see page 32.

The awards in 2022 will also be a chance to celebrate three special anniversaries for the industry bodies that have been delayed due to the 2021 SPATEX show being virtual”

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BISHTA and SPATA continue to offer their respective courses. Richard Carrington recently ran an online heat pump course, and it proved a real eye-opener for the participants who provided some constructive feedback to fine-tune the course. Many of the courses are open to the whole industry, and there are discounts for BISHTA and SPATA members, so another reason to join these trade associations. Members will also benefit from the Information and Networking Days; please see SPN website for more details. Industry guidance evolves constantly and includes several BISHTA and SPATA member factsheets; SPATA has also revised some of its Supplements. PWTAG has updated its Code of Practice (which is free to download on their website). PWTAG has also added an update to its list of Technical Notes, which are also free to download from the website. Due to the industry collaboration at European level (through EUSA) and around the world with WAPSA, it is possible to benchmark with other National Pool and Spa Associations to compare services. It is also an opportunity to learn what might work well for our country. There has been a change of location and date for the next WAPSA meeting, which is now scheduled to take place on Monday 29 November at Piscina & Wellness, in Barcelona. Stay safe.

DIARY DATES 2021 2 Sep 14 Sep

BISHTA Committee, WebEx BISHTA Technical Committee, WebEx 16 Sep SPATA National Council, WebEx 17 – 19 Sep President’s Weekend, Windsor 28 Sep SPATA Technical Committee, WebEx 5 Oct Annual Information & Networking Day (S), Andover 6 Oct Annual Information & Networking Day (S), Andover 19 Oct Annual Information & Networking Day (N), Doncaster 20 Oct Annual Information & Networking Day (N), Doncaster

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