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A Job That Needs To Be Done Well Over recent years, the testing of water in pools and spas has become more accurate, sophisticated and convenient than ever before. It’s a sector which doesn’t stand still for long and embraces the latest advances in technology. The result – numerous innovative products that have literally revolutionised the water testing process. With the testing of water always a high priority, in this issue, we take a closer look at the available products By Andrea Hartshorne


n the recent muggy temperatures, a cooling dip into the crystal-clear waters of a perfectly filtered and correctly dosed pool or hot tub is a very appealing prospect. But who wants to spend unnecessary time and energy measuring and monitoring the water when there’s water fun and relaxation to be had? The hot summer weather has sent people in their droves to their local swimming pool stores and hot tub retailers for some back garden fun. Families and serious swimmers have also headed off to their local lidos and baths too but what is common across all of this activity is that water users have to be able to trust that the water they’re enjoying is guaranteed to be the best it can be. Considerable money and time is spent developing and producing more efficient and user-friendly systems to treat water and therefore it follows that regular and accurate testing of the water is an essential part of the overall process in ensuring water is in The Lovibond® team has now extended the availability of its Smart interface to its very popular MD 110 series of handheld photometers

tip top condition, especially when it comes to commercial environments, no one can afford the down time or bad press should an infection be allowed to develop. Therefore, due to the increased use of pools and spas that hot weather has hopefully produced, correct testing and monitoring is imperative and in this issue, we take a closer look at some of today’s testing solutions.

ACCURATE TESTING FROM LOVIBOND For most public pool operators, accurate water testing is part of everyday life. When servicing a public pool, it is critical not only to read (with extreme accuracy) but also to record and react to those results. For the maintenance engineer, traceability is vital so accurate log keeping (whether manually or electronically) is paramount. Smart technology in the industry has now made this even simpler. The Lovibond® PM 630 multi-parameter

instrument was designed to reduce the possibility for human error. Equipped with Bluetooth® to enable data management and data exchange with a tablet or smartphone, the instrument interacts with the Lovibond® AquaLX® app, available to download free of charge in Android™ and iOS® versions. All collected results can be viewed on a smart device and the user can then send these results via email to be hosted for any potential auditing requirements. The Lovibond® team has now extended the availability of its Smart interface to its very popular MD 110 series of handheld photometers, measuring from two to up to six parameters, including chlorine (0-6.0 mg/l), extended chlorine (0-10mg/l), pH value (6.58.4), alkalinity total (5-200 mg/l), calcium hardness (0-500 mg/l), bromine (0.05-13 mg/l) and cyanuric acid (2-160 mg/l). Domestic users don’t need to miss out on Smart technology. The newly-released, enhanced Scuba II (now with bromine for hot-tub users) enables homeowners to benefit from the entrusted Lovibond® technology used in public pools at a cost suited, of course, to private gardens. Results can be programmed in PoolM8 (also free to download for Android™ and iOS®) where Balanced Water Readings (or the Langelier Index) can be calculated, saved and likewise mailed.

GOLDEN COAST SOLUTIONS PROVIDE WATER CONFIDENCE When it comes to keeping your water quality in check, Golden Coast is a one-stop shop for water testing products. As the UK’s leading independent distributor of wet leisure products to the trade, Golden Coast offers a wide range of choices to suit every budget: from tablets and easy-to-use testing kits to advanced electronic photometers. For home pool and spa customers looking for an affordable and simple testing method, the Insta-Test range of products is popular. “Testing is incredibly straightforward,” said Golden Coast Managing Director Jamie

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