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Testing That’s Simple And Easy The regular testing of pool and spa water is now a much simpler task, thanks to numerous recent innovations. In addition to more traditional testing products, the latest smart and mobile technology has been utilised resulting in photometers that provide multiple, accurate tests and manage results data on the go. It’s a sector that doesn’t stand still for long and we take a closer look at what’s available By Andrea Hartshorne


nything that can make our busy lives easier and less hassle has got to be a good thing. A product that is guaranteed to take the guesswork out of the serious and important business of water testing is a strong selling point and the array of easy-to-use devices makes this easy. Customers know this process has to be completed, so offering equipment and technologies that makes this trouble-free and straight forward is always going to be a winner. As technologies continue to improve and develop, the tediousness of creating reports once back in the office is removed as the information can be quickly uploaded and provided to those who need to know. Then the required actions can be instigated without delay and corrections or adjustments can be made. We all have demands and pressures put on us through everyday life and being able to send instant information from the water testing devices back to the office, or on to the customer, in an easy and uncomplicated way has got to be a step in the right direction. So this issue, we take a closer look at some of the products that are making the task of water testing a much more straight forward task.

IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT TESTING, IT’S ABOUT REACTING TO THE RESULTS: READ, RECORD, REACT Accurate water testing of swimming pools and spas is just the start to ensuring pristine water. It’s how the pool engineer records and reacts to the results that are paramount to safety and comfort. Just as water analysis equipment has developed over the years, so has the ability to report the readings correctly. For public pool engineers, the Lovibond® PM 630 is available with a free app (for iOS and Android). Simplifying accurate water analysis with 34 pre-calibrated pool methods, these photometers also includes wireless Bluetooth® data transmission. Now, results can be quickly and easily transferred to smartphones and tablets.

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The free Lovibond® app, AquaLX®, enables the immediate review, process and evaluation of measured results directly onsite. Data trends can be monitored with easy-to-view graphical displays with definable minimum and maximum values. Any fluctuation to expected results is immediately visible and instant action can be taken. Furthermore, additional personalised information, such as the name of the pool and the pool engineer can be recorded, providing a complete information record of the measurement. Records can be transferred at the touch of a button by email either as a graphic or database record, simplifying the transfer, management and sharing of results with customers and colleagues, facilitating cooperation over long distances. AquaLX® complements an additional Water Analysis app, PoolM8, which is also freely available to download from the relevant stores. By simply entering the results of the parameters including (pH; total alkalinity; The free Lovibond® app, AquaLX®, enables the immediate review, process and evaluation of measured results directly on-site

calcium hardness; total dissolved solid; cyanuric acid, chlorine (free and total) and temperature), the app automatically determines the balanced water index and displays the results which can then be saved to create a history and, again, shared via email. There are also tools for those not wishing to use electronic equipment near the pool. The Lovibond® Log-Sheets are easy to fill out, encouraging the accurate recording of all the Balanced Water (Langelier Index) parameters and provide a simplified formula for calculating the result. To request a booklet, simply email

GOLDEN COAST KEEPS WATER QUALITY IN CHECK Whether it’s a spa, a small domestic pool or a large commercial leisure centre, Golden Coast’s comprehensive range of water testing products has everything you need to keep the quality in check – from tablets, simple dip-test strips and easy-to-use testing kits to the most advanced of electronic photometers. For those looking for easy solutions, there’s Insta-Test Plus, which provides you with an instant reading for free chlorine or bromine by simply swirling a test strip in the water three times. Other choices include Lovibond Pooltester kits, which can be used with Swimmer reagent tablets. For customers looking for the latest technology, there’s the comprehensive Palintest range. It contains everything from pocketsized sensors for quick checks on pH, temperature and conductivity, through comparator kits to the most sophisticated of photometry equipment – along with all the necessary reagents and accessories. Meeting the challenge of commercial water testing requires much more sophisticated systems. 26/07/2016 09:53

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