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No Pain, Only Gain As Dantherm Slashes Energy Costs A ground-breaking project, undertaken by Dantherm five years ago has produced breathtaking results thanks to the installation of a new air-handling unit at a popular fitness centre. In 2012, David Lloyd Leisure in Bristol sought the help of Dantherm after an old ventilation system being used in their popular swimming pool hall began to run ineffectively. With energy consumptions through the roof and savings needed to be made, Dantherm’s DanX XKS system was seen as the perfect

replacement to help cut costs. With its highly efficient cross flow heat exchanger, the DanX XKS perfectly controls the humidity and indoor temperature whilst offering energy recovery of up to 80%. Since the installation, Dantherm have monitored the difference between the old unit and their own system and the reduction of energy consumption is clear to see with a huge drop of over 60% in the average gas consumption. As well as seeing a cost reduction, David Lloyd have enjoyed improved pool conditions for their customers as well as a protection from dampness to their building structure. What made this project so unique was that it was implemented without the need for expenditure from David Lloyd Leisure, with funding provided by investment vehicle Decarbon – an independent specialist investment manager that specialise in energy and

Prices Held As Heatstar’s Success Continues Heatstar are pleased to report that, during the last year, sales of their pool climate control units have continued to grow. Also, in addition to buoyant sales, Heatstar is still proud to remain a British, privately owned company with accounts in British pounds and all assembly and manufacture taking place uniquely in the UK. This significantly avoids much of the currency exchange costs incurred through utilising lower quality imports which can often be the case with other manufacturers. The combination of these factors means that Heatstar has flexibility and can avoid cost increases. As a result, the company has announced that prices will be held for the coming year across the entire Heatstar range of pool environmental control systems. In addition, all quotations for Heatstar systems are always honoured for at least one year from the quote date. Now, by specifying Heatstar, pool installers Heatstar Environmental Control and their clients can Systems – distinctive and durable frame and panel construction benefit from the best pool energy efficiency at last year’s prices and have peace of mind in knowing they are choosing one of the UK’s leading pool environmental control systems. Heatstar 01983 521465 25_SPN_Apr_17_News_Eco.indd 25

Total average energy consumption vs ambient air temperature

resource efficiency initiatives. Dantherm once again delivered this project ahead of schedule, with a particular focus on keeping the facility safely open to the public whilst the work was carried out. Dantherm’s Pool Ventilation Sales Manager, Jamie Herdman said: “We continue to measure the actual energy consumed by the DanX XKS at David Lloyd and it clearly demonstrates that the equipment is performing just as efficiently as when it was installed five years ago. “It was clear that something needed to be done for this particular swimming pool hall, and I think our customer is currently enjoying so many benefits that they haven’t looked back since its installation.” Dantherm 01275 876851

Choose Clever-Pool For Smart Energy Savings Pool pump variable speed technology makes sense, but until now, capital outlay has been expensive. The CleverPool from Plastica changes that and is priced to enable a payback of less than nine months. Featuring four settings which allow users to select the optimum pump output during a 24 hour cycle, the simple-to-programme pump inverter dramatically reduces pool running costs by up to 60% for single phase pumps up to 2hp and in some cases, savings of up to 80% are possible. Installation is simple too and takes less than 30 minutes. Just plug the Clever-Pool into a mains supply, connect the main circulation pump to the Clever-Pool and set the required programme.

Swimming pools using the Clever-Pool will also enjoy improved water quality too as the variable speed technology enables pool water to be circulated at reduced flowrates at chosen times of the day resulting in improved efficiency of high rate sand or glass media filters. Plastica 01424 857802

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