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Growing Flowers Vertically Growing Flowers in a Vertical Garden? September is, for many, the month of first winter frost and the avid gardener can’t help feeling a certain dread in anticipation of the morning when snow will white out the cheerful colors of precious annuals. Winter can be a serious struggle for folks with a gardening habit. In spite of the fact that every window sill is groaning under the weight of too many houseplants, it just isn’t the same as the zinnias, cosmos, marigolds, impatiens and petunias that were a constant delight through the summer. That said, avid [see: addicted] gardeners like me always have our eyes out for possible solutions to cultivate the sight and scents of flowers all year long. It seems that Bright Agrotech’s Spring System could provide an ideal, low-tech, yet productive solution to our winter woes. The self-contained system has a small footprint and a high level of productivity. Requiring only a few square feet of floor space makes the spring easy to incorporate into living spaces, large and small. In a recent interview with the Wyoming Technology Business Center, Spring System inventor, Dr. Nate Storey, explains what you can grow in a Spring and some specifics on how it works.

Surviving Winter with a Space-Conscious Garden Though it cannot produce warm breezes or blue skies, when planted with your favorite summer annuals the smell is divine and the colors are exceptional. With the depths of winter rapidly approaching, I know I’m looking forward to lingering over Saturday morning coffee and drink in the aroma of alyssum and petunias. Like any garden, it will take a bit for the Spring to fill in with flowers. Therefore, planting early will allow you to enjoy the sights and scents of summer while congratulating yourself on outwitting the winter blues. Saving Seeds Another advantage of growing flowers inside over the winter is that sometimes you can collect the seed and save them for next year’s garden. Although not all flowers will selfpollinate, some will and can produce viable seed over the winter months. This is a great perk, since flower seed seems to cost more every season. Share Summer With Others Don’t forget that good things in life only get better with sharing. When you are cutting back your flowers to keep overgrown stems from breaking off, you can make gifts out of the pressed petals and leaves or make posies for friends and neighbors. To combine aesthetics and utility, choose edible flower varieties like calendula, dianthus, camomile or Johnny jump ups. It seems there is just an overwhelming amount of possibilities for growing flowers in a Spring System. I, for one, am excited to test it out, experiment with different varieties and combinations to create a beautiful indoor garden. As the seasons change, I’ll be sure to keep you informed on my Spring System’s progress. It’s going to be a great winter with a tower of summer in my house! For more information, visit Verticalfoodblog.Com

Growing flowers vertically  

When you are cutting back your flowers to keep overgrown stems from breaking off, you can make gifts out of the pressed petals and leaves or...