Issuu on Google+ We are Sauna and Steam Room Experts. You can buy saunas, steam rooms, infrared saunas, home and traditional Finnish saunas and sauna heaters from the UK's leading supplier.

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 Saunas  Steam Saunas  Sauna Heater  Bespoke Saunas and Steam Rooms  Hot Tubs  Aqualine Saunas Accessories Page 2


We are supplying UK biggest selection of saunas like: • Infrared saunas • Traditional Finnish steam saunas • Outdoor and garden saunas. Page 3


 Aqualine saunas steam rooms is helped you to promote health and beauty.  Our steam rooms are relaxing and energy-renewing for energies you. Page 4


 Aqualine Infrared sauna heaters and sauna stoves are totally Energy efficient .  We have a wide range of sauna heater and stove in our store. Page 5

Aqualine Hot Tubs

 Aqualine saunas HotTubs all are Hand Crafted Page 6

Advantages of Sauna And Saunas

 Weight Loose  Détoxification  Improve Immune system.  Proper Blood Circulation  Clean skin and helps for treat acne  Extremely good for Respiration problem like asthma, bronchitis, and allergies

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Aqualine Saunas, Aqualine Ltd, Po Box 740,Halifax,West Yorkshire,HX1 9AZ,United Kingdom

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