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Technological constraints of large scale production units in relation to feed and nutrition of fish ornamentals Unibio is a leading Danish biotechnology company with core competences within fermentation technologies. Unibio A/S was founded in 2001. At Unibio our goal is to provide the world with innovative sustainable fermentation solutions to overcome the most pressing challenge of our times: how we can produce more protein in a sustainable way without destroying the planet.Our bioindustrial innovations make it possible to save energy and water while decoupling protein production from the fluctuating agricultural sector and stressed fishing industries. In cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) we have developed an innovative and unique technology – the U-Loop® fermentation technology – that adds new, sustainable protein production methods to the traditional food value chain. The concept is based on converting natural gas (methane) into a highly concentrated protein product, Uniprotein®, by bacterial fermentation. Uniprotein® can be used as a direct supplement in feed

for all animals and fish.

The Unibio team is talented, dedicated and ready to make a difference. We are all driven by the same purpose that is to provide sustainable solutions to the global food and feed problems in terms of scarcity. Focusing on fish ornamentals - proper nutrition is also here critical for good fish health as with fish in aquaculture industrial production. Because there is

such a diversity of (tropical) ornamental fish, the nutritional requirements vary greatly as well. It is important to determine the specific requirements for each fish species being kept. Although a basic or staple tropical fish food may work well for some species, it may be insufficient for others. The lethal potential challenges of applying one feed product to all various ornamental fish in the same aquarium

Hatcheryfeed vol 5 issue 4  
Hatcheryfeed vol 5 issue 4  

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