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The importance of pre-extrusion process design By Hennie Pieterse

Extrusion is the heart-beat of an aquatic feed processing plant. Still it largely depends on a well designed pre-extrusion and

post-extrusion process to ensure the desired nutritional and physical outcome of the extruded final product is achieved. Knowledge and understanding of the raw

materials, both dry and wet (or fresh) to be used in formulations are of utmost importance in designing and specifying a process that will optimize extrusion performance. Pre-extrusion

process design plays a key role in producing extruded aquatic feeds that are feed safe and environmentally friendly.

Some critical pre-extrusion processing steps It is difficult to accentuate only a few of the processing steps that make up a complete pre-extrusion process. The next topics cover some of the more critical ones:

Dry ingredient intake, cleaning and storage. The range of ingredients we use to manufacture modern-day aquatic feed are becoming increasingly more expensive. We should therefore take care as to how we acquire, accept, handle and store these ingredients on site. The following design criteria should be taken into consideration:

Aquafeed vol 9 issue 2 2017  

Aquafeed magazine is focused on advances in feed formulation and processing for aquatic species. It is the quarterly magazine of

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