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Feed Technology The clear message is that “we need to start thinking about consuming and producing proteins sustainably.” The development of sustainable animal feed, both on land and under water, represents a giant leap in the right direction. One of the key elements in this area is the conversion of different waste materials into proteins. A very efficient way of doing this is by using worms; more specifically polychaetes. Polychaetes contain nutritious, versatile proteins that can form a solid foundation for high quality aquaculture feed.

From waste to value Polychaetes convert a wide range of nutrients into protein, which again allows the company to convert nutrient sources that would normally be considered waste, into valuable protein sources. However, the group was not satisfied just with turning polychaetes into a high quality aquaculture feed. It was determined to use polychaetes to quite simply create the best and most effective aquaculture feed in the world. Sea Farms Nutrition are currently working on research that will increase the production of worms.

From bio-secure ponds The company obtains its farmed polychaetes from biosecure ponds in The Netherland. The rationale guiding Sea Farms Nutrition was – and still is – quite simple: the future of aquaculture needs to be sustainable. Sustainable aquaculture in turn needs to rely on environment-friendly feed. And feeds made from polychaetes is an environment-friendly and effective alternative solution.

Great nutritional benefits There are a number of advantages to using farmed polychaetes as feed in aquaculture. Perhaps the most important is that farmed polychaetes have as good a nutritional value as traditional feed from fish. In addition they also contain important amino acids, peptides and other functional molecules that are not found in the same amounts in traditional fish feed.

More growth This feed is more protein-efficient and allows species such as shrimp to grow faster and healthier, giving less emissions to the environment. Tests done with rainbow trout showed that after 12 weeks, the weight gain is 14% higher with farmed polychaetes added into the feed than without it. In addition worms and feed have been tested for parasites, bacteria and viruses. This ensures a disease-free feed.

Their health is your wealth.

Better tasting food The taste of seafood is also important. According to a professional taste panel, species fed with farmed polychaetes also taste fresher and better. Last but not least, the use of farmed polychaetes makes the entire value chain of a modern aquaculture more sustainable.

OddGeir Oddsen, CEO, Sea Farms Nutrition is leading ProChaete’s efforts to make a better and more sustainable feed for aqua culture. (Photo credit: Tord F Paulsen).


January/February 2018 AQUA Culture Asia Pacific Magazine

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Volume 14, Number 1 January/February 2018 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056  
Volume 14, Number 1 January/February 2018 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056