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Volume 14, Number 1 January/February 2018 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056

From the Editor 2 The year ahead – where are the weakest links and opportunities?


4 Philippines shrimp: A unified direction for production and growth Optimism to increase production at the 11th National Shrimp Congress 2017 View of ponds at the Calumangan farm in Negros with the active Mount Kanlaon in the background (Picture by Ong Si Mon) Editor/Publisher Zuridah Merican, PhD Tel: +60122053130 Email: Editorial Coordination Corporate Media Services P L Tel: +65 6327 8825/6327 8824 Fax: +65 6223 7314 Email: Web:

Shrimp Culture

14 A millennial’s view on shrimp disease management

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18 Marine shrimp in Asia: A round-up in 2017

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Vietnam’s ShrimpVet Lab aims to change the value chain from art to science. By Zuridah Merican

Industry Review

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Clean post larvae, biosecurity measures, optimal water quality, disease monitoring and carrying capacity at the Calumangan farm. By Zuridah Merican

Feed Technology 25 Promotion of novel ingredients as fish oil replacement: F3 contest and a Feed Innovation Network, by Kevin Fitzsimmons

26 Resources behind an environment-friendly and effective aquaculture feed OddGeir Oddsen shares the vision on innovative feeds using polychaetes

29 Fusarium mycotoxins: A main threat to Southeast Asian aquaculture Where we are today in understanding mycotoxins threat to production. By Rui Goncalves

At the 23rd DSM Aquaculture Conference, increasing farm productivity and reducing environmental effects of intensive land-based aquaculture

42 Applications of a single cell protein in the culture of whiteleg shrimp

A total fish meal replacement showed improved growth and survival of shrimp at low inclusion levels. By Allan LeBlanc and Josh Silverman

44 Choosing the right phosphorus source for shrimp

The industry moved at three speeds; the fast and furious, recovery and decline. By Zuridah Merican

Performances for different targeted benefits for shrimp and marine fish. By Paul Seguin, Mikael Herault, Kyeong-Jun Lee and Tanatchaporn Utairungsee

36 Nutritional value of aquafeeds in intensive aquaculture

8 Living with the white spot virus in Negros

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32 Functional hydrolysates: Sustainable ingredients to support development of the next generation of aquafeeds

Economic and environmental advantages with highly digestible feed phosphates. By Sjo Zwart and Emilie Willems

Marketing 47 Voluntary certification and marketing the pangasius

Certification coupled with communication brings the desired results in marketing pangasius.

Show reviews 54 Aquaculture Europe 2017 58 Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show 2017

Company News & Events 50 New larval shrimp feed line 51 Artemia Nauplii Center in India 52 New production facility in China/ Inauguration of Qingdao factory

53 New advanced formula shrimp feed 62 Opening of first factory in Asia 64 Acquisition of feed probiotics company/R&D investment in shrimp market

66 Appointments 67 Aquafeed Horizons Asia 2018 68 Offshore Mariculture Asia 2018

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Volume 14, Number 1 January/February 2018 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056  
Volume 14, Number 1 January/February 2018 MCI (P) 011/10/2017 ISBN 1793 -056