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OPEN DAILY from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm No reservation needed Children from age 8 and up.

One session of the thermal circuit includes: • • • • • • • • • •

Hydro-massage pool Relaxation pool Tonification pool Roman bath Turkish bath Shower temple Pediluvium Sauna Mineral dew Floatarium – concentrated salt water pool.

Towels included with deposit. The duration of the thermal circuit is 2h30. The last entrance to the spa is at 7.30pm Reservation is not necessary.

Price of thermal circuit: 27euros Price of the thermal circuit:





50% discount

Over 65:

50% discount

Annual and transferable voucher

“Giving well-being and health is giving love” FROM 6 TO 11 SESSIONS:

15% discount


25% discount TOTAL: 198€


30% discount TOTAL: 369€


40% discount TOTAL: 630€

Special prices for groups, companies and collective organizations. organizations. Consult our centre. centre.



Inscription fee

Full day membership fitness+spa Morning membership Unemployed membership


Monthly fee

75€ 50€ FREE

75€ 50€ 60€

Inscription fee

Monthly fee

25% 25% 20%

20% 20% 15%

Annual membership



Semester membership



Membership for under 25 years Membership for over 65 years Matrimonial membership

OTHER OPTIONS One day fitness


One week fitness


One day fitness + spa


One week fitness + spa


One month fitness + spa


Collective classes 7€ or 10 classes + 1 spa for 65€ ......................................................


One hour

5 hours

10 hours

One person




Two people




More than two people




Aesthetics for her and him Facial hygiene

Designed to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. This detoxification facial includes: cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage and your choice of either hands or feet massage. Maximum pampering.

60 min. -60€

Facial hygiene + eye contour Includes all the benefits of a Facial hygiene and detoxification + eye treatment to diminishing fine lines, puffiness and lessen the signs of ageing.

85 min. - 80€

Anti-ageing eye and lip contour This treatment focuses on re-hydrating, diminishing fine lines and reducing signs of ageing on your lips and eye contour.

30 min. - 30€

Facial skin lightening treatment This treatment will help to reduce dark patches and brown skin blemishes marks inflicted by the sun or acne.

60 min. - 75€

Caress Aqua treatment Intense Hydration treatment recommended for sensitive skin. Great for sun exposed or rosacea prone skin. . 60 min. - 65€

Oxygenation facial Effective facial ideal for tired, dried lacklustre skin. Brings back radiance and vitality due to pure oxygen blast

60 min.- 60â‚Ź

Bambu facial treatment This treatment awakes all facial senses. Regives softness and brightest to the skin as well as relaxing your facial expressions and mind.Perfect treatment for spoted and wringled faces.

75 min. - 80â‚Ź

Collagen anti-aging facial Effective treatment to rejuvenate your skin. Diminishes those fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin looking younger, vibrant and healthier. Includes stimulating muscular facial.

75 min. - 85â‚Ź

Skincare treatments with Electro-Aesthetic equipment Woman and Man 75 min. -80€ Lifting – C Specific treatment to minimize sings of aging, erase wrinkles and reduce flaccidity. Treatment suitable for face and body.

Woman and Man 60 min. -55€ Facial passive gymnastics Excellent treatment to tone and reaffirm the facial muscles. Recommended for people with sharp expression lines and as preventive treatment.

MAKE UP Brides Night Day

50€ 40€ 30€

MICROPIGMENTATION Goldeneye Lips (outline +fill) Lips (only outline) Eyebrows Eyes (line above and below) Eyes (line only above or below) Retouch Consult us for price.


Women hair removal women Entire leg Half leg Half leg Armpit Upper lip Arms Eyebrows Groin normal Brazilian bikini Buttock

20€ 12€ 14€ 10€ 4€ 14€ 10€ 15€ 25€ 14€

Eyelash permanent dye (Dye included) ............. 40€ ( 30 min) Eyebrow dye

............. 15€ ( 15 min)

Eyelash dye .............

20 € ( 15 min)

Eyelash extension

from 50€ to 150€

False eyelashes

60€ (60 min)

Men hair removal Entire leg Half leg Armpit Back Arms Eyebrows Groin normal Chest Buttock

26€ 14€ 12€ 22€ 16€ 10€ 15€ 22€ 14€








Relaxing massage

This gentle massage will provides an extraordinary feeling of well-being and serenity. 30 min. -33€ / 50 min. -50€

Relaxing massage with chocolate oil This relaxing massage will leave your skin moisturized and smelling like sweet chocolate. Helps recover elasticity and firmness. 30 min. -35€ / 50 min -55€

Relaxing massage with Aloe Vera oil This refresing massage provides a relaxing sensation as well as leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.. 30 min. -35€ / 50 min -55€

Swedish massage

This invigorating massage relieves tension, increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. 30 min. -35€ / 50 min -60€

Anti-stress massage with aromatherapy

Re-establishing health and harmony. Relaxes muscles and eliminates stress and fatigue,rewarding you with a sensation of wellness. 60 min. -60€

Therapeutic massage (with moxa+5€) Regenerating full-body massage great to alleviate pain, muscular injuries, muscular spasms and torticollis. 30 min. -35€ / 50 min. -55€

Sports massage

Deep massage techniques to enhance sports performance and recuperation, relieves muscular tension. An effective component of any training program. 60 min. -75€

Hot stones massage The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system as well as relaxing the muscles. 60 min. -80€ Deep tissue massage

Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, releases chronic muscle tension as well as relaxing the entire body. 50 min. -55€

Foot and hands reflexology – Chinese therapy Therapy base on digitopunture for the feet and hand helps to regulate the metabolism and the body's equilibrium. 30 min. -30€


Traditional Japanese massage, placing pressure on meridians points, helps to unblock the articulation, balance energy flow and strengthen the vital organs. 60 min. -70€

Thai Massage (yoga for the lazy)

Deep corporal massage based on Ayurueda medicine and yoga, helps to restore the fiscal body, mind and emotions. 60 min. -70€

Lymphatic drainage

Slow and rhythmical massage that stimulate the lymphatic system, reducing retention of liquids wile activating circulation.. 60 min. -70€

Cranial massage Stimulating head massage, great for eliminating tension and daily stress. 20 min. -30€

Facial massage Immediate effect on facial glow, relaxes facial expressions and muscles. 30 min. -35€

Reiki massage Millennial Chinese healing technique, that balances the energy centres of the body, mind and spirit. 30 min. -35€ / 60 min. -60€

Bio massage Made up from several therapies especially Reiki & aromatherapy. Helps eliminate chronic back pain, corrects posture, stabilizes emotions, eliminates psycho-physical blocks and improves energy flow. 90 min. -80€

Wasa massage with suction pads Terapeutic traditional Chinese medicine. The purpose of this massage is to stimulate blood circulation with help of suction pads. 90 min. -90€

Aqua watsu

Weightless massage done in 35ºc water, which increases the sensitivity of the tissues and favours blood circulation. Muscles will be stretches in a slow and gradual way, helping to eliminate harmful metabolites, reinforcing the muscular functions and increases flexibility. 30 min. -45€ /60 min. -75€

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine Millennial technique with Tui-na massage, digitopunture, moxibustion and needles, which work on the body and mind, to balance energy through organs and viscera, recommended for stress, digestive problems, articulate pain, depression etc… First session 50 min. -50€ Second session 40 min. -35€

Bamboo and wood therapy Bamboo canes massage (facial and corporal): Oriental technique; this relaxing option for integral health is sublime. Done with canes, this massage will leave you in a deep state of rest, in body and soul.. 60 min. -80€

Anti-cellulite and slimming massage with wood: This is the ultimate novelty in slimming massages, using instruments made of wood, its action reduces fat deposits and unpleasant “orange skin’’. 60 min. -70€

Wood facial massage: Unique facial massage done with wooden instruments. Its action will provide a pleasant feeling of rest and its motion will enhance cellular activity. 30 min. -30€

Body treatments Spa peeling: corporal peeling that stimulate the skin tissue by peeling off the dead cells and brings back the softness. 30 min. -35€

Seaweed wrap: body wrap

treatment that detoxifies, remineralize and firms your skin. 60 min. -60€

Therapeutic treatment against pain: treatment done with Dead Sea mud. Great for muscular pain and stress induced tension. 60 min. -60€

Anti-cellulite treatment: Indulging body wrap, peeling and massage with wood that will work to break down fat in specific areas. 75 min. -90€

Reaffirming and anti- stretch mark treatment: seaweed wrap with reaffirming action. 60 min. -60€

Chocolate wrap: luxurious skin conditioning treatment that will leave your skin smooth and hydrated. 60 min. -60€

Aloe Vera wrap: calming body wrap best for sensitive or sun damaged skin.Regenerates skin cells quickly. 50 min. -55€

Treatment for pregnant women:Sublime massage that will awake all senses; body, mind and spirit in action, a unique and indescribable sensation. 50 min. -60€

Individualized Ayurvedic treatments Previous test done to diagnose in which group you belong.

Vata : Vata people have alert minds, a refreshing imagination and a lot of energy but they can burn out quickly through over activity. This hot sesame oil massage will help you reduces muscle pain and stiffness, special for arthritis as well as constipation, abnormal blood pressure and rheumatic pains. Will leave you completly dazed and relaxed.

Kapha: Generally stable and patient, Kapha people are laid back and not easily provoked but once enraged; it takes some time to calm down.With this sublime treatment done with warm Kapha oil it will help increase circulation and release tension. As well as healing sinusitis, colds and mucus excess it also helps digestive problem(Agni).

Pitta: Pitta people are skillful and bright. They also get easily offended and can be domineering. If you are prone to hot flashes, transpiration and tiredness this gentle massage will help restore body heat and reduce inflammation. Indicated for people with rashes skin, ulcers, diarrhea and headaches. Will rebalance your energy and inner strength. 60 min. -65â‚Ź

P r o g r a m s GLAMOUR (Relaxation package) 1 day • • • • •

Spa Head massage Hawaiian treatment; lomi-lomi massage Reflexology Valerian or pasiflora tea

4 hours 127 € oxygen therapy as a gift


Photon Green tea wrap and massage. (anti-oxidant treatment with slimming effects) Reaffirming facial with galvanic currents Natural juice or water with mint

3 hours 155 € Voucher 5 sessions: 695 € combined with 5 sessions of oxygen therapy as a gift

Revitalizing Program (we advisable to do this treatment within a week):

For exhausted people with excessive stress and no time to stop.

DAY 1 1. Floatarium -15 min. 2. Aromatherapy anti-stress massage -50 min. DAY 2 1. 2.

Spa Circuit Hot stones massage -60 min. DAY 3

1. 2.

Turkish bath -10 min. Relaxing massage with chocolate oil 30min.

oil 30

DAY 4 1. 2.

Photon Therapy -30 min. Bio massage -90 min. DAY 5

1. 2.

Oxygen therapy -10 min. Thai massage -90 min. DAY 6

1. 2.

Shower temple Aqua Watsu -60 min. DAY 7

1. 2.

Photon Therapy -30 min. Cranial massage -30 min.

Total 1 week


Combined with Pilates classes as a gift

Guanche program

(For sun exposed skin)

DAY 1 Tomato or aloe juice Cool showers -15min. “God Ra” ritual -90 min.

• • •

DAY 2 Tomato or aloe juice “AQUA caress”-Very hydrating facial for sensitive skin -60 min. Aloe Vera wrap -50 min. Reiki session - 35 min.

• • • •

275€ Combined with oxygen therapy session as a gift

Intense hydrating treatment (For very dry skin) DAY 1 1. Roman or Turkish bath -15 min. 2. Luxurious papaya& pineapple body wrap -50 min. DAY 2 1. Roman or Turkish bath -15 min. 2. Aloe vera body wrap -50 min DAY 3 1. Roman or Turkish bath -15 min. 2. Mango & passion fruit body wrap -50 min.

179€ As a gift a paraffin hand treatment

Program for pregnant women 1. Floatarium -15 min. 2. Reiki session – 60 min. 3. Reflexiologie therapy -30 min. 4. Shiro shampoo massage (head massage with warm oil) -30 min. 5. Facial cleansing and treatment -50 min

3 hours 185 € As a gift a thermal circuit for your partner

Program “Harmonic Energy” 1. Reiki session -60 min. 2. Balancing session with semi precious stones -30 min. 3. Thai massage -90 min. 4. Thermal circuit -90 min.

4 hours 210 €

SILVER PROGRAM 1 SPA: Enjoy 2 and half hours relaxing with us in our unforgettable thermal circuit

FACIAL HYGIENE Deep cleaning , removal of dead skin cell and dirt from pores, leaving your skin.clean and bright.


Re-establishing your health and harmony. Relax muscles with a combination of essentials oils.


PRICE 125€ Optional hair-dresser 12€ suplement.

Holistic Consultation-Beauty “in/out” “i First session:

120 min. -120€

Holistic consultation (Oriental diagnosis of the health of body, mind and spirit through Chinese medicine) We will provides you with a detailed snapshot of the current strengths and weaknesses in your various body systems, represents your baseline or starting point, and forms the basis for the personalized natural health plan. Analysis of emotions that dominate you, learn how to canalise excesses. You will receive an individualized program, with a detailed meal plan, also the recommended nutrients, for any alterations you may have. This consultation is divided in two parts. The first part is diagnosis and treatment, the second, is to detail how to follow the personalized program.

Subsequent sessions:

60 min. -60€

Revision and personalized treatment. We will educate you on the balanced body approach and its importance in achieving wellness. We will review any current symptoms you may be experiencing or have concerns about. We will review your current and past medical history. We will complete several assessments to help you identify what's happening in your body and help you understand why. We will discuss your personal objectives e.g. what you want to achieve, and how quickly.

The consultation to increase your quality of life.








Ritual of Joy 4 hand massage

With two therapists devoted only to you, this is an exotic, luxurious and unforgettable 4 hand massage. A magnificent corporal and facial treatment to hydrate, regenerate your skin and leave you complety relaxed. 90 min. 219 €

Ritual del Dios Ra This treatment is inspired by a ancient Egyptian beauty ritual. Dead sea salt and mud is used to hydrate and smooth the skin surface. Excellent terapy for sun damaged skin. 90 min. 120€

Oasis of serenity Head to toe indulgence for a radiant skin and a dream-like sense of well-being. Aromatic oils and essences deliver nourishment to thirsty skin and jaded senses. Perfect combination to release tension and stress. 90 min. 120€

Pure air Immerse yourself in the Spa experience with this indulgent treatment package Hydratation, oxigenation and desintoxication that will enhance your body’s energy Combined with turkish bath, digitopunture, aromaterapy ...a real tonic for the soul. 90 min. 120€

C o u p l e

r i t u a l

Guanche Canario (Ritual): • • • • •

Entrance to the spa Test Guanche Canarian flower body wrap and honey mask facial. Hot stone massage Orange juice and platter of fruits. 3 ½ hours


Love for two •

• • •

Spa Head massage Wine body wrap and peeling Relaxing Mosto massage

4.5 hours 296€ Glass of white wine or champagne

C o u p l e

m a s s a g e

SPA + Aromatherapy massage. The healing power of touch with a select group of oils to restores harmony to the mind, body and spirit – a holistic experience. Complimentary glass of white wine. 3 horas ½ 89€ per person

SPA + Relax massage. Enjoy our classic full-body massage. A special mixture of aromatic oils and long, flowing, connecting strokes that will relax you,free your mind and reduce stress. Complimentary glass of white wine. 3 horas ½

89€ per person

SPA + Swedish massage. Relax with this exceptional long strokes full body massage. Will increase the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improve circulation and ease tension leaving you completly in peace. Complimentary glass of white wine. 3 horas ½ 89€ per person

SPA + Bambu massage. Bambu massage is based on ancient oriental technique using Bambu canes as the main rubbing instrument therefor creating a integral feeling of wellbeing. Complimentary glass of white wine. .

3 horas ½


per person

R a d i o f r e q u e n c y Do you want to feel how your skin rejuvenate and those unavoidable fine lines and other symptoms of ageing disappear




Instant results Youth has no price !!!



Ultrasound Get high definition body sculpting results with non invasive, low risk ultrasound body fat reduction treatments. Its Innovative technology will target fat cells by draining ,remodelling and reducing fat deposits. It will tones up and purifies your body.


1 Ultra sound session + pressure therapy

90 min. -90€

10 sessions:

75€ each one

Silver photon capsule (Photon - therapy)


28€ 56€ EACH 18€ EACH 13€


Feel the difference, feel the benefits.

Photon health benefits 1. Reducing the production of lactic acid, improving tiredness produced by muscular strain or stress 2. Improves vasodilatation and therefore improves blood circulation. 3. Regulates body temperature maintaining optimum PH levels. 4. Increases calcium factors in the cellular membrane, increasing the cellular metabolism and muscular performance. 5. Contains anti inflammatory properties, improving articulation and muscular pain. 6. Improves infantile asthma, reducing asthmatic crisis and minimising the use of bronchodilators. 7. It has an inhibiting action on undesirable bacteria processes. 8. Increases the expulsion of gases and chemicals. 9. Reduces fatty acids the deposit in the arteries. 10. Improves the posture of the spinal column. 11. Stimulates the production of endorphins. 12. Regulates the intestines and balances stomach acidity. 13. Relieves stress. 14. Improves physical performance, psychic and Sports. 15. Reduces headache pain 16. Eliminates stress.

Cosmetic benefits 1. Stimulates the cellular metabolism. 2. Improves hydration and provides smoothness 3. Helps to reduce obesity and eliminates cellulite. 4. Tones the organism. 5. Improves blood flow and eliminates toxins. 6. reduces muscular contractions. 7. With mineral and algae treatment which benefits are spectacular. 8. It is possible to combine two treatments at once, facial and corporal, together with the benefits of the silver Photon. 9. Anti aging.

Indications 1. Tiredness and muscular pain. 2. Asthenia 3. Chronic articulation pain. 4. Rehabilitation and rheumatic disorders 5. Complementary treatment for obesity 6. Degenerative processes 7. Asthma 8. Stress 9. Insomnia 10. Purification of organic water 11. Rapid elimination of toxins. 12. Balancing of internal and skin PH etc‌

O x y g e n

T h e r a p y



10 SESSIONS -50€

Oxygen purifies the lungs, improves blood circulation, recharges physical energy, improves brain irrigation, destroys bacterias and viruses, improves reflections, increases resistance against illnesses, clears the mind, and eliminates headache pains and drowsiness.

Bachelorette Bridal shower 1. - All the girls enter changing rooms and get comfortable. 2. - Welcome drink with a “Surprise snack tray” to warm up. 3. “LADIES BE HONORED” The bride choose´s 2 bridesmaid that will make her a spa peeling and a facial mask. 4. - PARTY PEELING Facial (applied by girls among themselves) 5. - PARTY MASK (application of the mask) 5. - BATH BASH “CLEAN ME AND THEN I CLEAN YOU” 6. - DETOX ME Turkish bath, steam room. 7. -THERMAL CIRCUIT (enjoy the spa) 8. - RACE AGAINST WATER CURRENT (winner gets a surprise prize) 9. - CHEERS (Jacuzzi with champagne or cider) 10. – Canapes and entrees served at Spa cafe. Time (with prolonging options): 4 hours

Price per person: 40€ Extra options: Chocolate dish – delicious and sensual chocolate dish with nuts, (price on request, depends on the Nº of people) Striptease – hired by girls, done in private room. Mariachis (price on request)

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