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A-M, I.



S O @


1% F EI  I C! J E C D C  CT.

2 W.A-M.C

D-I Ap 0 t D-i AQS39000 Stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and cracking Integrated thermostat saves electricity Built-in LED light indicates when heater is in use Weight: 3 lbs. Dimensions: 5.5” Dia x 4” H Cord: 22’


S O @


Pt Fg W n D-I SUP02175 120-watts. Thermostatic control to reduce heating time and save electricity. Internal electronics epoxy-sealed for watertight protection. 18-ft cord.1-yr manufacturer’s warranty.


T-P 3.0

$59.99 Khm100 - Keeps an ice-free area on pond surface to allow for toxic gas escape throughout the winter. Operates on only 100-watts!! Will not harm pond liner or plastic ponds. State-of-the-art thermostat with larger heat radius. 12' cord and leak-proof entry port. For 300-1000 gal pond. Approx. 12” dia.

S O @

w.a-m.c W.A-M.C


D-I Perfect ClimateTM Deluxe Pond De-Icer Can be used as a oating de-icer … or with the click of a button, converted to a submersible de-icer. 12’ cord. Khm8125 (250wt – approx 7” diameter) Khm8175 (750wt – approx 7” diameter) Khm8115 (1500wt – approx 9.5” diameter)

8125 - $54.29 8175 - $59.99 8115 - $64.69 TetraPond De-Icer


TET26426 Effective to -20F. Thermostatically-controlled 300 watts. 15’ cord. Use one de-icer for every 150 sq feet of pond surface. Effective to - 20°F (-28.8°C). 15 foot cord. 3-year limited warranty.

Atlantic Water Gardens Pond De-Icer AWG257....PD300

Maintains a hole in ice to allow the exchange of oxygen and other gases in wintery conditions Volts: 115 Watts: 300 Cord Length: 20’ Warranty: 1 Year


S O @

w.a-m.c 4 W.A-M.C

D-I Fg n D-I FarP418 - 1250-watts; 10’ cord; 1-yr. manufacturer’s warranty. Safe for use in rubber liner or plastic ponds up to 600 gal.

$59.99 H n S

- FarPS200 Energy efficient, 200-watts. Low pro le design (only 1-3/4” tall) minimizes wind resistance. Floats on pond surface. Thermostatically-controlled to operate only when necessary. Field-tested in a 1000 gallon pond in sub-zero temperatures. One Year Warranty. 10-ft cord.

$61.49 I Et Bh D-I Khm200 - Using only 50 watts, the Ice Eliminator's low contour and neutral color look great in any birdbath. Maintains open water to -200F and is safe to use in plastic birdbaths. Aluminum, powder coated nish. Can be painted to match any color birdbath. 18” cord.


S O @


Tu FarPTC3 - Thermostatically-controlled outlet to be used with de-icer. Increases efficiency and energy savings by turning power to de-icer on-off based on air temperature rather than water temperature. Turns on at 35ºF and shuts off at 45ºF air

$21.49 W.A-M.C


N DEW0710.....BPN710 7’ X 10’


$8.79 DEW1414.....BPN1414 14’ X 14’ $4.29 DEW1445.....BPN1445 14’ X 45’ $29.49 DEW2828.....BPN2828 28’ X 28’ $35.69 DEW0720.....BPN720 7’ X 20’

B & n N is a durable,

UV-treated polypropylene with 3/4” hole openings that allows in sunlight, moisture and ventilation. It is a safe, humane pest protection for fruit and vegetables or can be used to protect sh and water life from predators. Also safely deters children and pets from the protected area.

D n N DeWitt Deluxe Pond Netting is a sturdy, safe material to install over ponds to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the pond environment, while protecting sh and other pond life from predators. It is constructed of polyethylene with 1/4 inch hole opening. The strands are bonded together and UV-treated for longer life. Deluxe Pond Netting allows sunlight, air and moisture which helps maintain the proper biological balance for all pond life. It is easy to use and install.

$31.99 DEW10100.....PN30-10100 10’ X 100’ $229.99 DEW12100.....PN30-12100 12’ X 100’ $199.99 DEW1220.....PN30-1220 12’ X 20’ $49.99 DEW1012.....PN30-1012 10’ X 12’

$68.99 DEW2020.....PN30-2020 20’ X 20’ $99.99 DEW2030.....PN30-2030 20’ X 30’ $144.99 DEW3232.....PN30-3232 32’ X 32’ $179.99 DEW1230.....PN30-1230 12’ X 30’

United Aquatics Pond Netting 5/16 mesh , Black, Mono-Nylon Woven Material

$9.99 UAQ081...PCN433: 9’ x 13’ $14.99 UAQ082...PCN644: 13’ x 20’ $28.99 UAQ083...PCN106: 20’ x 33’ $54.49 UAQ080...PCN322: 6’ x 9’

Includes Stakes 6 W.A-M.C


B/G Pi N Black plastic netting; 3/4” polypropolene mesh with UV inhibitors.

$1.5 BbnBR14 - (14’ wide x 14’ long) $1.9 BBnBR45 (14’ wide x 45’ long) $3.3 BBnBR75 (14’ wide x 75’ long) $4.7 BbnBR28 - (28’wide x 28’ long) $4.3 BbnBR20 - (7’ wide x 20’ long)

D n N

Protective oating net with small 3/8” mesh size stops even the smallest debris.

$9.4 DAL1414 – 14’ x 14’ $1.8 DAL2828 – 28’ x 28’ $4.5 DAL2845 – 28’ X 45’ $7.9 DAL0710 – 7’ x 10’

S O @

D N



DAL7100 - 7 ft x 100 ft Protects shrubs, trees, and vegetable gardens from destructive deer. Strong and durable 3/4” polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors.



N P n C N - l

100ft. long bulk netting allows you to simply pull out the length needed, cut it and BINGO – you have a cover net exactly the length you want. Perfect for streams, large ponds, gardens or retail pond stores to offer customer netting needs. Standard mesh is 3/4in. polyethylene woven netting.


EAPR-NR101... 3/4” / 10ft. X 100ft.


EAPR-NR101F... 3/8” Fine Mesh / 10ft. X 100ft.


EAPR-NR201... 3/4” / 20ft. X 100ft.

Pa P n C N Prepackaged Premium Pond Cover Netting Premium Pond Cover Netting helps prevent poor water quality problems by keeping leaves and debris out of your pond. Strong black pond netting will last for years! Pre-cut netting 3/4” mesh, includes Stakes. EAPR-NP1515.... 3/4” / 15’ X 15’ includes 8 stakes



EAPR-NP2020.... 3/4” / 20’ X 20’ includes 8 stakes


S O @


EAPR-NP2030.... 3/4” / 20’ X 30’ includes 10 stakes


EAPR-NP3030.... 3/4” / 30’ X 30’ includes 12 stakes

D n & G C n EAPR-PCT810...... $1.4 8’ x 10’ with 12 anchors


EAPR-PCT1014.... 10 x 14’ with 12 anchors EAPR-PCT1317....


Complete pond and garden protection for leaves and unwanted pests! Simple two person assembly can be completed and installed in just a few minutes. Strong 3/8in. nylon black mesh netting will last for years. Dark mesh allows for easy viewing of pond with tent in place.

8 W.A-M.C

N U n t Constructed of heavy-duty, ½” mesh, UV-resistant polypropylene. Keeps debris out while allowing sunlight and fresh air to enter. Plastic stakes included. Keeps out leaves and windblown debris, protects sh from herons and other predators, and helps prevent algae growth by reducing organic waste.

$2.9 Awg117- 15’ x 20’ $3.9 Awg118 - 20’ x 20’ $4.9 Awg119 - 20’ x 30’ $5.9 Awg116 - 10’ x 15’

P & G Po

Includes: Ultra Pond Net, Nylon Base, Center Receptor, four berglass poles, four 12” tie-downs, four ground stakes, 12 net stakes, and 8 net clips.

Protects the pond in the fall from falling foliage to reduce maintenance in the spring. Domed design causes leaves to roll off the net where they can be easily collected. ½” mesh.


Awg122(PGPSM) 7’ x 9’ (net is 15’ x 20’)

S O @



Awg121(PGPLG) 9’ x 12’ (net is 20’ x 20’)



W TN A/W e Helps accelerate the decomposition of leaves, sediment and other organic matter during the fall and winter months. Also jump starts your pond to a healthier environment in the spring. Microbe-Lift Autumn/Winter Prep is a two-part system of liquid bacteria and dry, water soluble packets containing a blend of cellulase enzymes,


EML040 (Quart Kit; 32-oz bacteria and 2-pc 2-oz packets)


EML041 (Gallon Kit; 1-gal bacteria and 2-pc 2-oz packets)

A B bene cial bacteria winter sh pond care prevents poor winter pond water conditions, losses, and stresses that can cause spring outbreaks of pathogenic outbreaks.

$4.1 AQM002.....128 oz $1.9 AQM001.....32 oz

S O @


A S n Ba EasyPro All Season Pond Bacteria contains a proven blend of bene cial pond bacteria which naturally promote a healthy ecologically balanced ecosystem by reducing toxins, problem causing nutrients and murky water in water gardens and koi ponds.


EAPR-ASB16... 16 . oz. Treats 8,000 gallons


EAPR-ASB32... 32 . oz. Treats 16,000 gallons


EAPR-ASB128... 128 . oz. Treats 64,000 gallons

Sl B i o S n l This Seasonal Boost kit uses the new Seasonal Boost liquid bacteria with dry enzyme producing bacteria to help start up a pond in the Spring or help with Fall pond care. Below 55° F – Initial dose: Apply 6 . oz. and 2 packets per 1000 gallons of pond water. Maintenance: Apply 3 . oz. and 1 packet per 1000 gallons every week. Above 55° F: Apply 2 . oz. and 1 packet per 1000 gallons of pond water weekly.


EAPR-SBK16... Includes one pint of Seasonal Boost liquid bacteria and 6 one ounce water soluble packets of enzyme producing Sludge Removing Bacteria.


EAPR-SBK32... Includes one quart of Seasonal Boost liquid bacteria and 12 one ounce water soluble packets of enzyme producing Sludge Removing Bacteria.

10 W.A-M.C

W TN S & L E (W) C W N Ba w B

Sl B L Ba

$1.0 EAPR-SWT32 -32 oz $1.5 EAPR-SWT16 -16 oz

This proven blend of bene cial bacteria and cold water strains are dosed specifically for cold water applications in the Spring and Fall.

REPLENISHES winter bacteria loss during spring startup. ACCELERATES decomposition of leaves, twigs, and sediment all winter. Contains cold water natural bacteria designed to use even when water temperatures drop below 50-degrees F.

Enzyme producing bacteria help break down leaves and organic debris Works in water temperatures down to 38° F Removes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates and sludge Improves water clarity

$2.9 Arcc114 (24-tabs) $3.9 Arcc113 (12-tabs)

F O C W /W r o Fg P

$1.3 EML112 (2-lbs, 4-oz) $2.5 EML113 (5-lbs, 4-oz) $4.9 EML114 (14-lbs, 8-oz) $7.3 EML115 (40-lbs) $1.1 EML111 (12-oz)

S/F F

MICROBE-LIFT/LEGACY Cold Weather Food (WHEAT GERM) formula is made with lesser amounts of protein and wheat germ which is easily digested and also contains a higher level of fats. • Spring/ Fall Formula • Primary Food • Feed 3 days per week • Contains Stabilized Vitamin C • Will Not Cloud Water • Ethoxyquin added as preservative @ 150 ppm

S O @




F O K S & l e Wr

Transitions sh in and out of winter. Wheatgerm’s exceptional digestibility at low temperatures is very important since sh metabolism and the pond’s ammonia-reducing biological activity are greatly diminished in colder months. Feed in spring and fall, when water temperatures are below 500F and above 390F. Ingredients: wheat germ meal,

$6.9 1.72-lb. - Tet16481 $2.4 3.08-lb. - Tet16469 $3.8 1-liter - Tet16467

C W W P Blr02W (2-lb) $1.0 Blr05W (5-lb) $2.1 BLR14W (14-lb bucket) $1.4 Blr25W (25-lb) $1.5 BLR50W (50-lb bag) $2.9 These 3/16” pellets provide improved digestibility at low temperatures when the metabolism of koi and gold sh is slow. This food should be used when water temperatures are below 60 degrees F.

W R F

Highly nutritious, easily assimilated and absorbed koi food that is safe and all-season. 32% minimum crude protein.

$1.7 Hik06342 (17.6 oz. - med. pellet) $1.7 Hik35342 (17.6 oz. -sinking pellet) $1.7 Hik06270 (4.4 lb. -mini pellet) $3.2 Hik06370 (4.4 lb. -medium pellet) $3.2 Hik06470 (4.4 lb. -large pellet) $3.2 Hik06382 (11 lb. - medium pellet) $7.4 Hik06482 (11 lb. - large pellet) $7.4 Hik06242 (17.6 oz. - mini pellet)



S O @


A P P L® P An S


$5.9 S O @


Og P O F Sg @ $6.0  M

S T R P




A-M, I.

w.at.c A® An K™ An t Dffu P Ay Me S Dffu


A $2.9

Kit Includes:

S O @




A Kit Includes:

14 W.A-M.C

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