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Qualities of a Good quality control Inspector Quality inspections can be an essential part of any industry. They are a routine test typically conducted on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis to evaluate the productivity and the quality of a finished product in an industry. These inspections are carried out by skilled and professional personnel who have both good knowledge and expertise about the industry and as well the process. The Quality control inspectors are individual who are responsible to check and make sure that everything from raw materials to finished products meets quality and safety standards specified in the purchasing documentation of the industry. If the Inspector does not excel at his work the entire process may turn out to be havoc.

Here are a few qualities that a Good quality control Inspector may possess:

An Inspector must be Objective. A good inspector must evaluate logically and consistently. He should not make assumptions based upon the past reports or the individual perception as the results change with time. The evaluation must be based upon the industry set standards, regulations, and the inspector's understanding regarding the safety and quality. Once evaluated he must think in accordance with what he has found out by the conducted tests and must be reasonable for all the whereabouts.

An Inspector must be unprejudiced. A good inspector must rate fairly keeping the industry standards and objectives as the major constraint. He should not get swayed away by personal feelings toward a facility or toward a worker at the facility. The reports he delivers also must be accurate and precise.

An Inspector must be consummated. A good inspector must check each and every facility complete and should not overlook seemingly on the minute points with his expertise and knowledge. The Quality and safety defects may be dangerous regardless of how petty they may seem. He must understand which area to focus more and where not to. An Inspector must have problem solving skills. An inspector must always be ready to resolve issues that may pop up during or after the inspections irrespective of the size and complexity of the problem. He must also come up with suggestions for solving these problems with his expertise. Every inspector must possess problem solving skills to effectively develop and present plans to overcome problems and complexities.

An Inspector must have sound technical knowledge Depending on the area of the industry, an inspector may even need the ability to use technical equipment or tools in the processes to evaluate the effectiveness and integrity of the processes. In order to meet the requirement the inspector must have good knowledge and expertise in using such machines.

An Inspector must be vigilant. An Inspector must have a logical, methodical approach towards the work and must be profound in taking measurements and recording figures. They should be observant and must pay attention to each and every single detail involved in the process. At times, they are also needed to be patient as some tests are complex and take a long time to complete.

An Inspector must know all the industry Standards and Regulations.

A good Inspector must know thoroughly all the standards and regulations with respect to the industrial area. It is very essential that the inspectors review all the relevant sanitary standards before conducting a specific inspection. They must always have a documented copy of the list of such standards and regulations.

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Qualities of a Good quality control Inspector  

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