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Product Certification for assuring the product quality

Certification is very much essential these days for any kind for product. Consumers go for standard products and certified materials that assure quality and efficiency. As they are spending their earning on the products they will look for products that are of superlative quality and 100% assured by a notified body. Hence, in order to meet the demand the suppliers go for product certifications. Product certification is the process of certifying that a certain product or a manufacturing good has been passed through all the essential performance tests and quality assurance tests and meets all the needed criteria as per the particular industry set contracts, regulations, or specifications. Different industries have different set of standards and regulations which is needed to be fulfilled in order to get approval for keeping the products on sale in the open market. PED certification and CE marking is the two popular types of certifications that are very much essential in the EU market. But how is the product certified? This can be a complex thing to look at. A product might be verified to comply with a specification and stamped with a specification number or a qualification mark. This is generally placed by a notified body or organization after the needed evaluations and tests are completed. The process for product certification generally compromises of four steps. They are as follows: 


Application is the first step involved in getting a product verified. In this phase, a manufacturer applies for getting the products or goods produced in his industry to be certified. Different kinds of products and industry areas require different types of application process. Also some of the

industry requires that a product supplier should send a product to a testing laboratory prior to applying for certification. However, it differs with industry areas. 


Evaluation is the inspection or testing phase that is carried out when the product to be certified is received at the testing laboratory. In this process the product is tested in accordance with the laboratory's internal procedures and with the methods stated in the test standards specified by the particular certification norm. The resulting data of the evaluation is then collected by the testing laboratory, and is forwarded either back to the manufacturer, or directly to the product certifier. 


Decision is the phase that is carried out post the evaluation phase. Once the product is reviewed and approved to be of good quality it is then forwarded to the certifier for the decision. The product certifier reviews the product supplier's application information, including the testing data and its reports and concludes that the product meets all required criteria as listed in the certification norms. Once it is approved by the certifier it is termed as certified. However, the final decision to grant or not grant certification can be made only by a person or group of persons not involved in the evaluation of the product. 


Surveillance is the process carried out at the last phase of certification that will check whether the product in the marketplace continue to meet qualification criteria of the consumers or not. It will check for the market trends and will update the product in accordance with that. The Product certification process is generally required in sensitive industry and marketplace areas like manufacture, aerospace, oil refinery, food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, dangerous goods, and products which are possessed to dangerous health and safety hazards. The EU market also entertains two certifications like PED certification and CE marking for checking the conformity of the product. Post these inspections only the products are approved to be placed in the market for sale.

Product certification for assuring the product quality  

Certification is very much essential these days for any kind for product. Consumers go for standard products and certified materials that as...

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