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Learn to generate an Audit Report for your company

Auditing is an inspection which is carried out in every company in order to evaluate the work performance and quality. Auditor is personnel who are responsible to carry out the audits and report the findings to the supervisor or managers in an industry or a company. Based on the report generated by an auditor the quality and productivity will be estimated in a firm. Hence, creating a precise and sound audit report is very essential.

An audit report is the formal opinion concluded and documented by an auditor based upon his audit findings. It is the end result of an audit performed by an auditor. This report can be used by an organization as a tool for financial reporting and investing or to identify where there changes to be implemented in the company.

Here are few tips that can help an auditor to write an obsolete audit report for his company or an organization.


The first thing before writing an audit report is to learn about the recipient who is going to read your report. You must report in a style which is compatible with the recipient. The reports must be written in a simple language, and all the acronyms and abbreviations should be explained for the better understanding of the reader. You must keep in mind that these reports will be used multiple times in the future and hence must be comprehensible.


Giving a professional look to your audit report is one of the most important factors. Generating a presentable report by using consistent fonts and colors will encourage the reader to read it. Never be too messy with colors and fonts that can give an unprofessional look to the report.

Pen down a brief summary about the complete audit report and include it in the final report. This description or summary must allow the reader to conclude whether or not they need to read the entire report. The summary should be clear and straight to the point and must cover the complete audit story.

Mention the main aims and objectives for the audit clearly in the report. This must contain why an audit is conducted, it address to which particular problem or concern and so on? This must be stated after the summary in the audit report.

The next thing is to mention how you analyzed the data and concluded the result. It is better to explain with figures, numbers and percentages whenever applicable on the audit report.

The most important part of an audit report is to compile the main body of the report where you must specify the complete details of your findings from an audit. The format in which you display your findings may vary depending on the type of audit and the area of industry for which an audit was carried out. You can also include pie charts, bar graphs and multiple view options in the report for better understanding of the recipient.

The last and final thing to generate is a conclusion for your audit report. In the conclusion part you can list all the key points you obtained from your audit. Conclude your report with a concise and appropriate data.

All the above points can help to generate a professional audit report for your company. But if you are looking to enhance your auditing capabilities you can get trained under ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course and ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Course that is offered by many notified companies across the globe. They provide training under professional and skilled staff that can help you to conduct, manage and report an audit in a certified manner.

Learn to generate an audit report for your company  
Learn to generate an audit report for your company  

Auditing is an inspection which is carried out in every company in order to evaluate the work performance and quality. Auditor is personnel...