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Glimpse on PED- Pressure Equipment Directive

The Pressure Equipment Directive was formulated to harmonize the conflicting European laws regarding the design, manufacture, testing, conformity assessment, and assemblies of pressure equipment of the various European Union states. It provides for a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0.5 bars for each equipment to get passed through the inspection. This also sets an administrative procedural requirement for the conformity assessment of pressure equipment, for the free placing on the European market without local legislative barriers. The manufacturer themselves can either carry out inspections or can rely on a noted body to get exceptional best Inspection Services to be rest assured about the quality and accuracy of the product.

The PED Directive defines a number of rules for pressure equipment, based on the potential hazard areas coming along with their application. Generally, the hazard level or percentage is determined on the basis of stored energy in the container and the nature of the contained fluid in it. A well noted body carries out effective Inspection Services and assures that the vessel can be conceded for the PED Certification to be placed on the European market.

The PED Certification is being regulated on several items such as:        

Vessels Pressurized storage containers Heat exchangers Steam generators Boilers Industrial piping Safety devices Pressure Accessories

The PED requirement criteria for compliance are however very extensive and complex, with four equipment hazard categories in general and several other alternative conformity Inspection Services

procedures for each. To meet the following requirements and to be able to apply and display the certification, the majority of pressure equipment items and assemblies have to be approved by a notified body before being placed on the market. In some cases manufacturers will be required to carry out Inspection Services strictly within the guidelines imposed by these standards, whereas in other circumstances application of standards are not that compulsory.

Apparently, the aspects of the design, production and testing of the various pressure equipments is subjected to a large number of standards, many of which are still in the process of being produced by the legislative. These standards cover all aspects of equipment design and production, like dimensions, materials, welding and test methods. These standards play a prominent role in assuring the quality of the product to both the customers and as well the manufacturer.

As a manufacturer, one however has many responsibilities and details to consider during the production of pressure equipments and also during their testing. The PED Certification is an assurance mark that provides agreement with safety requirements on pressure equipments like following procedures:       

Analyses of hazards Material selection Calculations for capacity Calculations for security Calculations for operation Manufacturing & welding process CE marking

However, inspections and conformity procedures are different for each category, ranging from self certification for the lowest hazard category up to full ISO 9001 Inspection Services by a notified body. The assessment procedures come in different modular structures and manufacture has the choice to select a test based upon their requirement. Anyhow, for certain processes, it is important to have a qualified personnel and appropriate procedures in place and to execute the work accordingly. With PED Certification, the actual requirements for any piece of equipment under the directive are however very complex and dependent on not only the design but also on the type of user, the intended use and sometimes even on the sales literature. Getting a product approved by certification allows full freedom to be placed in the market and get returns without any hassle.

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Glimpse on PED- Pressure Equipment Directive  

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