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Functions of the Technical Audits Auditing is a gratuitous process which is an objective oriented and a reviewing activity that is designed to add value and worth to the organizational standards by improving overall operations of the organization. These Audits helps an organization to achieve its objectives by bringing a systematic and an accustomed approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of various areas like risk management, control, and production processes within an organization.

Many companies today offer these in house and outsourcing audits in all major fields. The various types of auditing services are:    

Technical & Product Audits Process Audits Supplier Audits & Assessments GAP & Internal Audits

Let us here discuss about the Technical Audits and its purpose.

Technical Audits are carried out by monitoring, assessing, and analyzing all the associated areas of risk and controls by reviewing the processes regularly and confirming its compliance with the organizational policies and laws. Generally this type of audit is carried out in IT sector and various other areas where involvement of huge machinery o equipments is required. By conducting this type of audit the compliance of the design is checked before the end products are delivered.

Following are the steps than a Technical Audits carry out:    

Conduct Pre Audit meeting with all the departmental heads and gathers all the required information. Review all the policies and procedures set by the organization. Understand and Document all the associated processes and methods with the business perspective. Evaluates all the risk factors and areas of concerns that may arise in the future.

    

Prepare a detailed audit program keeping in mind the need to resolve such issues at the earliest. Select the things or places which needs to be audited. Estimate the audit budget and time. Make a draft report and discuss it will the associated team to eliminate all the possible errors prior to the final report. Issue the final report that is clear, concise, and appropriate to the end requirements.

Generally there are two types of audits that are carried out in an organization. They are the external audit and an internal audit. A specialized and fully professional team of auditors are assigned to carry out these audits. These auditors who carry out the Technical Audits works together with the management to assure that all the risk areas are diminished promptly and also provide innovative ideas and recommendations for enhancing processes, policies, and procedures at an organizational level. These professionals are excellent at this area as they are done with the ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Course standardization, and perform the audits without leaving any flaw.

Technical Audits are carried out at both levels in order to assure effectiveness of all the processes in the organizational area. The auditors that are assigned to carry out these Technical Audits are gone through ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Course to work across all areas of an organization including the core areas like financial control and IT. These auditors review the all the aspects of operations like supply chain and IT systems etc based on type of industry there been performed for. In fact, any system that is associated with the effective flow of operation of an organization may be included in the Technical Audits.

However, the reports obtained from these Technical Audits leave no doubt or area of concern as they clearly present the conclusions of an audit plan which is made to identify deficiencies in a company’s processes or operations. Alas, no delay in production due to such problematic issues and also driven up profits due to smooth flow of operations without time wastage. Learn more at

Functions of the Technical Audits  

Auditing is a gratuitous process which is an objective oriented and a reviewing activity that is designed to add value and worth to the orga...

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