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Abacus Quality System Services Inc. - The Leading edge in Assessment and Audit Services

Abacus Quality System Services Inc. (AQSS) is headquartered in Houston, Texas specialized in providing Assessments and Audits alongwith technical and professional services to client’s world over. Some of our services include     

Inspection Expediting Quality, Environment & Safety Audit Professional Services Technical Services

Inspection: AQSS Inc. has collaboration with Vincotte International, a renowned Belgian Company having more than 130 years experience in Industrial Inspections. Our clients consist of those in the Oil/Gas and Aerospace Industries to name a few and our range of services includes Witness Inspections, Product Inspection and Verification, CE Marking and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Certification. Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced Engineers and Inspectors who work in accordance with your specifications and requirements and conduct design reviews and inspections. Some mandatory inspections which we undertake add value to your product and ensure that they meet International Standards and Norms.

During our process of Material Inspections, the engineers follow established procedures in accordance with standards to ensure that all parties involved are risk and hassle free. The results after inspections are documented in high quality Inspection Reports with meticulously recorded data about the Material Inspections, Product and Results after the Inspections have been carried out.

Expediting: Time is of the essence for any organization during the manufacturing process. In a great number of cases, there are delays which arise due to late arrival of raw materials. Our endeavor at AQSS Inc. as expeditors is to employ a team of professionals dedicated to working hand in hand with the production facility which is responsible for supplying Raw Materials. Identifying delays which will be caused at the time of production and ensuring that the process does not run into any

delays so that the supply chain forward can be maintained. This ensures that your project does not run out of production material and also ensures that this material is of an accepted grade. Saving time and expediting the production process and in turn delivering is our commitment towards our clients. Quality, Environment & Safety Audit: At AQSS Inc. we have a dedicated and professional team of Auditors who can undertake various review and Audits for our clients. Some of the Audits which we conduct for our clients include Supplier Audits and Assessments, Internal Audits / GAP Assessments, Technical and Process Audits.

1. Supplier Audits and Assessments: Supplier Audits are undertaken to ensure that our client’s supplier systems, Practices, Processes and Results are as per prescribed standards or International Standards. These audits are conducted on behalf of our clients to assess the working and capability of their vendors or suppliers. The results of such audits which are conducted by Highly Trained personnel of AQSS Inc. aim at providing supplier confidence to our clients or assist in appointing Vendors and assisting in client purchases ensuring that the vendors and suppliers have adhered to International Standards or ones which need to be adhered to as per our client’s requirements. 2. Internal Audits / GAP Assessments: AQSS Inc. is capable of conducting Internal Audits / GAP Assessments for our clients which is an assessment of their internal processes, procedures and results. A well documented report is prepared after scrutiny of our client’s Internal processes which enables them to identify lags or assess if the process and end results are as per company standards or International Standards. This Audit enables to identify lags in the client’s process or result.

3. Technical and Process Audit: A team of highly trained Auditors and Inspectors at AQSS Inc. also can undertake Technical and Process Audits to ensure that the processes are as per company prescribed standards or International Standards and identify weak nesses. Technical Services: Under our Technical Services category, we offer inspections to provide CE Marking. CE Marking is the conformity or standard which is given to a product after it has gone through various tests and scrutiny by experts. CE Marking is a required standard for most countries which are part of the European Union. This marking denotes that the product is safe to sell in the EU to professionals as well as to consumers. Our expert teams of Inspectors are knowledgeable and can provide you with a CE Marking after careful scrutiny and review of the design and process in conformity with European Standards. Learn more at

Abacus Quality System Services Inc. - The Leading edge in Assessment and Audit Services  

Abacus Quality System Services Inc. (AQSS) is headquartered in Houston, Texas specialized in providing Assessments and Audits alongwith tech...