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9th August 2010

£15million pound won in the Lottery With £15million in her bank, Gajmina Begum is living the life of a stress free millionaire. After playing the lottery for nearly five years, she has finally won it. The 24 year old primary school teacher has now fully refurbished her house, bought herself a new car, cleared off her £152000 mortgage and has nothing else to worry about. Miss Gajmina has also bought a hotel

that is worth £500000. She said ‘I will never leave my job because teaching is something I love doing. The hotel is going to be kept as a side business. I have used nearly £1million up on important things; however, the rest of the money is going straight in to my savings.’ The friends of Miss Gajmina claim that she is a very nice and quiet person.

Swine Flu is going to get worse The swine flu outbreak has calmed down. In the last two months only 21 people were diagnosed with swine flu and they have all recovered safely. However, the European Health Agency claims that the swine flu outbreak is just about to get worse in the next 4 days because of the rapid weather changes. The swine flu vaccination is still in the process of being made. Prime Minister Gordon Brown believes

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that it should be complete by the end of October 2010. The Health Secretary Mr Alistair is trying his best to speed up the process. For more information visit uk/pandemicflu or call 08001513100. Swine Flu can be very dangerous if it is not taken care of straight away. So far the there has been 24 people dead after being diagnosed with swine flu.

Cromwells Indian Restaurant

Your favourite restaurant in Worcester is back with an excellent Christmas day lunch offer. Have a three course meal for £24.95 featuring live performances from live singers. For more information please call us on our number listed above. Bookings for Christmas are being taken now. Hurry before tables run out.

No more SAT’s exams For year 9 children The government have decided that SAT’s examination for the children in year 9 should be scrapped; instead they should have internal exams in school which could identify the progress of each child. The educations minister Mr John Ascott has said ‘statistics show that SAT’s exams put too much pressure on the school children, it will be better if they start working

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towards their GCSE’s’. This rule is being made so that secondary school can be much easier. Everything over the past years has been too advanced. Statistics show that those children that do not do well in their SAT’s exams don’t do very well in their GCSE’s either; experiments have proved that it is the lack of motivation which plays a big part.

Having said this, the education minister is being totally serious in deciding whether he should allow children in primary school do SAT’s. The education minister has also decided to give children in year 10 the option of taking their GCSE’s because he believes the earlier they do it, the more time they have to improve their grades.

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Second Page Newspaper  

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