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Inspiration surrounded my being from as far back as I can remember. Born and raised in al large tourist attracting city such as Las Vegas, design played a very crucial part within my development. My affinity for art most notably formed during the surplus of animated and live action films/ television shows during the 90’s. As a toddler, grasping the basic concepts of what I was drawing was actually encouraged by both peers and elders alike. Throughout my first two years of grade school I believed myself untouchable in terms of skill, until… By third grade I finally met another individual for whom I would develop a strong rivalry to last throughout the entirety of my grade school days. In between that time, I struggled to find my footing academically and went through the motions of it all. During my senior year of high school I arrived to a crossroad of life and exclaimed, “If I were to continue living, it would for a purpose that gave me a reoccurring competitive fire!” It was then I decided to follow a career route towards becoming a professional artist. After graduating high school I proceeded straight to applying for the Art Institutes of Las Vegas as well as the International Academy for Design and Technology. I was accepted but, upon not being eligible for financial aid, an alternate move for CSN had to me made. I enrolled and listed my associate’s degree major for 2d animation. Unfortunately fate would play another role for me. For when I came near the end of my requirements to graduate, CSN removed the animation category from the associate’s degree listing. Although the change had dealt quite a blow to my initial plans, I remained stubbornly fixated on graduation and my art. Immediately afterwards I had taken a detour down the path of Graphic Design. The experiences had proven to me that no matter the cost I should find my place in this world as a true artist. With my resolve forged harder than steel, I began taking course after course in the newly designated field. Traveling familiar territory with the countless hours I also spend drawing I had come to answer a reoccurring life question. These competitive courses I’ve fought throughout the years wasn’t stemmed from others. The answer is one to a personal philosophy that I will follow for as long as I can remember. I do not fight to best others; I fight to defeat myself on my personal journey of an artist.

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Born and raised in Las Vegas. Surrounded by art due to city being tourist hot spot.

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INSPIRATIONS Animated and Live action films/shows piqued my artistic interest. The vibrancy and technique an artist displayed crafting a product. The imagination that they exposed me to, helped me discover mine.

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TECHNIQUE Cultivated my drawing through rivalries with other skilled friends/classmates Encouraged by peers as well as mentors from the beginning. Always knowing you are someone who can contribute to keeping creativity alive.

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GOALS Discovered you could make a living from art. Have set the goal to become the best artist I could possibly become. Complete all college courses and graduate. Move forward to designing for businesses. Make the dream of becoming a professional artist a reality.

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OVERCOMING SETBACKS Changed majors from 2D Animation to Graphic Design Remaining in all classes no matter how difficult to complete Using my creative mind to problem solve effectively. Teaching oneself a new program to use proffesionally.

PHILOSOPHY Don’t fight to defeat others, fight to defeat yourself!


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