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FIRST DAY: In the first day we visited Saint Martin- in-the-Fields. Saint Martin- in-theFields is an Anglican Church and is famous for its music. Then we went to Trafalgar Square. In Trafalgar Square we saw the statue of Nelson and we visited the National Gallery. In the National Gallery we saw some of the best painting of Goya for example the Venus del espejo. Then we go to china town. In China town there were many Chinese restaurants, Chinese shops etc. Finally we went to Leicester Square and then we visited Royal Opera House. Royal Opera House is a place where there many shows.

SECOND DAY: In the second day we visited the London Eye. The London Eye is a big treadmill where we can see old London. Then we visited the Big-Ben and Westminster Abbey.

THIRD DAY: In the third day we visited Wimbledon and we saw the stadium of the tennis championship. In Wimbledon there were many luxury houses and cars.

FOUR DAY: In the four day we visited the City, we saw many tall buildings and we saw to the Tower Bridge. The building that we liked was “The Gherkin�. Finally We visited St Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge.


In the fifth day we visited Hyde park and in Hyde park we climbed a tree. Then we saw a concert and we rent a bouts in the lake. Then we went to the Natural History Museum. In the Museum we did an activity about the dinosaurs.

SIXTH DAY: In the sixth day we went to the Buckingham palace and we saw the changing of the guard. Then we visited Saint James’s Park. In Saint James’s park we could see many squirrels around the trees.

Redaction of the travel of London  

This work is a redaction abuot the travel of London

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