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Public Works Management Practices Manual (9th Ed)

More Than Everything You Need to Know to Be a Public Works Director

It’s here—APWA’s 9th Edition of the book that has defined best practices for many hundreds of public works agencies across North America since 1991. Whether it is self assessment or accreditation your agency is interested in, this manual is the place to start. PB.APWM Member $80/Non $105 PB.APWMI (Manual & Online Software) Member $130/Non $155 PB.APWMC (Manual & Conversion Software) Member $130/Non $155

In this updated and expanded edition of an APWA classic, John Ostrowski brings new insight to his previous work and provides 10 new chapters besides. Filled with wisdom and wit, this thought-provoking compilation of observations and experiences explores what it takes to successfully lead a public works department. PB.A420 Member $15/ Non $20

john ostrowski FROM MY PERSPECTIVE

Public Works Administration: Supervision and Management

Public Works Administration:


APWA Public Works Institute Units 1-5

Today, public works supervision and management requires more than technical competence. This publication—APWA’s “Yellow Book”—is designed to help public works professionals become effective leaders, managers, and communicators. PB.A1699 Member $50/ Non $60

Construction Inspection: A Review A modular text-based course for use by APWA chapters, training consultants, government agencies, universities and other educational organizations that wish to teach construction inspection skills, knowledge and capabilities through a comprehensive program. PB.E09A (Training Package) Member $400/Non $500 PB.E09B (Participant Guide) Member $70/Non $90

2015 “GREENBOOK” The Greenbook is designed to aid in furthering uniformity of plans and specifications accepted and used by those involved in public works construction and to take such other steps as are designed to promote more competitive bidding by private contractors. PB.XGRN Member $89.50/Non $99.50

Snow and Ice Control: Field Handbook for Snowplow Operators This field handbook is to help promote the understanding of the tools, best practices and limitations of snow and ice control. It will help you understand when to use and when not to use these tools and practices. In addition, it encourages progressive changes in snow and ice control practices that will help you reduce sand/salt use and lessen environmental impacts while meeting the safety and mobility needs of roadway users. PB.A1109 Member $10/Non $15

PAVER™ Software Application 7.0.7 PAVER™ is an automated pavement management system and decision making tool for the development of cost effective maintenance and repair alternatives for roads and streets, parking lots, and airfields. MP.NEW-E Member $995/Non $1,195.00

APWA Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP) Recommended Resources The APWA recommends these resources to help with preparation for CPFP examination. It should not be inferred that questions in the examination are selected from any single reference or set of references or that study from specific references guarantees a passing score on the examination. PB.A644 Member $250/Non $325

Discovering the World of Public Works (Workbook for Children) This Workbook for Children contains puzzles, worksheets, word games, coloring pages, glossary, and other activities. It is divided into two levels “ Basic K-2nd grade and Chipper’s Challenge activities geared to 3rd “ 5th grade. PB.A509 Member $1.25/Non $2.25

Playtime with P.W. Paws Filled with games, puzzles and other activities, Playtime with P.W. Paws is an exciting and beautifully illustrated coloring and activity book created especially for children in grades K-5. Shaped to help children learn more about public works in an adventurous and new way, this is a coloring and activity book that can be enjoyed by everyone. PB.A1101 Member $1.25/Non $2.25

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APWA Reporter, February 2018 issue  

February 2018 issue of the APWA Reporter, the official magazine of the American Public Works Association

APWA Reporter, February 2018 issue  

February 2018 issue of the APWA Reporter, the official magazine of the American Public Works Association