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Letters To The Editor Sir --- Not wanting to appear savage, but I am completely and utterly outraged with this whole ‘Scopes Trial’ fiasco. As an American woman, mother, and wife, I strive to live a life filled with etiquette and keep a simple environment in my home. This refers to the anger I have with the idea of some preposterous science teacher, John Scopes, filling children’s heads with ludicrous ideas of evolution, challenging the faith and religion that parents work so hard so build in their home. I back William Jennings Bryan up 100 percent, and this Clarence Darrow fellow is quite the fool for speaking for Scopes. I’m glad Bryan’s arguing the prosecution, for I am a fundamentalist and I agree to it that the word of God in the bible shall over ride or over rule all silly thoughts or antics of this so called evolution. Darrow is simply a buffoon for backing this loon up, and as is this Scopes character. I hear the World Christian Fundamental Association sent William Jennings Bryan and right they were in doing so; we need a literal interpretation of the bible, or God’s word. Challenging the Lord’s word to fill children’s heads with crackpot theories is beyond preposterous, and for that man to walk free due to a technicality just boils my blood. I saw no flaws within Bryan’s investigation during declaring and testing the truth of evolution. A $100 fee for being found and convicted guilty of this crime? Unbelievable. Sincerely, Mary-Anne from Tennessee

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Rise In Consumer Goods Redefines the Working American Citizen Refrigerators, vacuum's, radios, latest greatest perfumes, model-t automobiles, and electric irons. These are just some of the consumer goods sprouting up and flourishing with sky rocketing sales. Once a luxury item to the common citizen is now becoming a basic necessity.

products. More than half the women said that they have been affected by the ads, and went out of their way to buy the products to feel better about themselves. When I asked them about the effectiveness of the ads, they answered

This was achieved by the mass marketing

that they strongly agreed the power of

of these goods making life for the

conformity. Not only do the ads for

American citizen easier and carefree. By

beauty products affect the women, but

the total national production increasing

also ads showcasing cars and

by 34%, between 1922 and 1929, resulted

wristwatches, even cigarette lighters, were

in influenced consumerism. The reason

a huge target for men. "Owning a car was

for increased spending from the working

one of the best feelings in the world,� tells

class was the want for latest newest

Cecile Martin of Michigan. Not only do

technology-even if it came to vanity

cars get you places, but they make the

products benefiting young girls to older

thriving business world flourish with new

women. Ads littered the storefronts, as

opportunities. With more disposable

well as peoples mindsets. Women have

income comes more spending resulting in

said to be deceived by the social media

circular flow of money. Spending for the

that they need certain types of soaps or

present was preferable for saving for the

perfumes to be "beautiful" or "wanted" by

future. Is the main motto big business

a man. So this ad technique was very

men go off of these days? It's a bunch of

effective when it came to selling cheap

bologna if ya ask me; tricking people into

and affordable products that reeled in the

thinking they need things when in reality

big money. As a journalist I made my way

it’s a waist of their hard earned money.

around different shopping facilities asking

But not all goods are in my eyes. I would

random samples of women how they feel

love to invest in a nice refrigerator! But as

about ads concerning vanity and beauty

I look at the world around me, I'm

beginning to notice the consumerism mannerisms of crazed flappers buying every darn perfume sold at the store. Indeed goods and resources has become a huge part in the lives of American and - Marissa Mills

will continue to change and ever grow and evolve with time. Life for the American people has become more efficient and easy going for virtually everyone who is willing to spend the extra bucks. I can vogue for that.

Entertainment Today Movies! The entertainment of the future is here! Moving pictures that tell a story, but lack color and sound. There are currently five major studios today consisting of

Warner Bros., Famous Players-Lasky, RKO, MetroGoldwyn-Mayer, and 20th Century Pictures!

This is the entertainment of a new age! Something more

exciting than to sit at home and read the paper. Going on a date but need somewhere to go? Take that pretty lass to the movies! Another new form of entertainment today is the radio! Listen to catchy tunes all day long and enjoy the day! But that’s not all they’re good for! No longer will you need to send an old fashioned crier to get news out to someone far away, why as long as they have a radio you can send your message to the world!

These are new times with new technology folks, get with it!

Communist Radicals bombed Wall Street.

Political cartoon that stated striking would only help the spread of anarchy.

   For utter excitement, it would be difficult to find a more captivating story than the one being told here. The 1920s may be famed for its economic strength before the crash, prohibition, and the Jazz Age. Nevertheless, a darker side existed. There have been few moments where America has experienced teeming fear and fiery hysteria such as the Red Scare. There stood various radical groups who wanted extreme change. Communists, socialists, anarchists, all strived for a change in the political

structure and anticipated on promoting anarchy. The first Red Scare reached a climax on June 2, 1919, on this day eight bombs went off within the same hour. During 1919 and 1920 radical groups delivered a series of bombs to officials homes and offices. In 1919 Attorney Generals house was bombed. Then in 1920 a massive bomb injured and killed many people on Wall Street, the symbolic center of capitalism. These actions made Americans fearful resulting in public mania.

In response, Attorney Mitchell General organized attacks on foreigners and radicals to eliminate all “Reds�. The attorney enforced in undertaking palmer raids, which give the FBI full control to raid private residences, hold subjects without formal charges, and set bail at abnormally high prices keeping suspects jailed. Attorney General convinced America that the raids would help purify and restore peace, protecting its citizens from political radicals.

‘Nuff Said’ Performs Live at Cotton Club; Draws Crowds From Miles Around! Duke Ellington, lead singer of band 'Nuff Said' brought a sense of musical excitement to the city of Harlem on February 3rd. It was a cold night, but that did not dampen the spirits of everyone out on the town! It was sure a night no cultured man or women could pass up!

looked around, and responded with "the blues". Across the block, notes of the Deep South echoed off buildings walls. A man, who almost seemed homeless, clad in tattered clothes cried out lyrics in a melancholy tune. His singing wavered

The band’s talent and style stood out among the young crowds, and attracted artistic individuals seeking a good ole time. Their performances revitalized the city of Harlem and splashed life and energy back into the black community. Pride of African American culture was apparent in the community, and seemed to leak into the customs of visiting cultures. Energy was contagious throughout the city that night. Public displays of art, street performers, and dancers lined the streets. To the right there pose an elegant French woman getting her picture sketched by an artist who might have been living out of town. When I asked the man about his profession, he told me that he was a traveling artist. Visiting different cities along his journey, he made a buck here and there. When I had asked what brought him to New York; he smiled,

and faded, but was harmoniously telling a story of his past-his roots. He wore his history like a map on his face with every wrinkle; he sat and played his heart out. People passed by, observing him in wonder. Only once in a while, a couple would stop to listen to his weary blues. As the sun started to set, his melodious cries faded along with the light. Continuing sight seeing along the city, the muffled screams and laughter filled up the air. More people started appearing throughout the area, accidentally leaving behind traces of them. Handkerchiefs, cigar butts, and even abandoned lipstick applicators decorated the pavement. I knew by the sudden influx of people, a concert was about to begin. Of course I knew this already, but the excitement had just hit me like a ton of bricks. Making my way to the nightclub smack dab in the middle of Harlem, the buzzing blinking

sign read "Cotton Club" in bright red

morning of my life, in the morning, in the

cursive. As the line wrapping around the

morning…" sung by Duke Ellington

nightclub grew, anticipation followed the

himself. They were a hit, while people

same trend. Talk of 'Nuff Said' and their

crowded around the bars socializing and

appearance in the city had been floating

puffing on their cancer sticks. It was a

around and with the demand in Jazz style

sophisticated marvel, as shades of blue

music, the city's natives and visitors were

and red reflected off the walls. The light

eager to get in and have a good time.

show outlined glittery silhouettes of

Women were dressed in extravagant

dresses that scattered the room. Men had

dresses that crossed the lines of modern

their arms around their gals like trophy

fashions. Majestic feathers sat upon their

prizes and the positive energy was

hats, and the smell of sour smoke filled


my lungs. The doors opened and rhythmic African drumbeats seemed to bounce of the walls of the club, while stomps and hoots of dancers shook the floor. Approaching the club, I couldn't help but realize the scarcity of blacks -the very people who gave character to this city. After entering the building, my spirit seemed to be lifted as the happy tunes sang "It is the morning of my life, it is the

Marissa Mills  

The club was pulsing with cultural experimentalist. The crowd seemed to be alive and open to new things. With each song the band played the mood changedwhich was a wonder to see how much music affects the people of Harlem. Nevertheless it was a successful night for both club owners and 'Nuff Said'. I rate the overall experience 5 stars, and anyone seeking a breath of fresh air, to hastily visit Cotton Club for a live show and a good time.


BOSTON, Mass.,  August  23  -­‐-­‐-­‐  Earlier  this   morning  two  Italian  immigrants,  Ferdinando   Nicola  Sacco  and  Bartolomeo  Vanzetti,  were   executed  for  the  convicted  murders  of  two   men  during  a  robbery  in  South  Braintree,   Massachusetts  seven  years  ago,  in  1920.  In  the   afternoon  of  April  15th  1920,  the  two  men   supposedly  murdered  Fredrick  Parmenter   and  Alessandro  Beradelli,  the  paymaster  and   security  guard  of  the  Slater-­‐Morrill  Shoe   Company  factory  in  Braintree.    This  raised   police  suspicions  to  turn  on  local  Italian   anarchists,  regarding  also  a  former  robbery  of   another  shoe  factory  on  December  24th  1919   in  Bridgewater,  Massachusetts.  The  two   immigrants  were  followers  of  Luigi  Galleani,   who  advocated  bombing  and  assassination  in   favor  of  revolutionary  violence.  Connecting   the  activities  of  the  Galleani’s  anarchist   movement,  the  police  put  two  and  two   together,  convicting  Sacco  and  Vanzetti,   believing  the  robbery/murders  were   motivated  by  the  need  to  finance  more  bombs.   When  the  two  men  showed  up  to  a  garage  to   retrieve  the  car  that  was  believed  to  be  the  get   away  car  involved  in  the  murder,  suspicions   really  were  rising.  After  picking  up  the   suspected  getaway  car,  Sacco  and  Vanzetti   fled  the  scene,  but  were  arrested  a  short  time   after.  When  captured,  both  men  claimed  to   not  have  a  gun  on  them,  but  upon  further   inspection  were  found  to  be  holding  loaded   pistols.  The  two  men  denied  any  connection  to   anarchists  though  during  questioning.  Along   with  the  murders,  Vanzetti  was  charged  $15,   776.73  from  the  company.  Vanzetti  was  also   the  only  one  tried  and  convicted  for  the   attempted  murder  and  robbery  that  took   place  on  December  24th  in  Bridgerwater.  This   trial  began  on  June  22nd  1920,  and  different   witnesses  were  brought  into  the  stand  to   identify  Vanzetti  as  the  attempted   murderer/robber.  They  all  put  him  at  the   scene  of  the  crime,  indicated  by  his   moustache.  On  July  1,  1920  the  judge  returned   guilty  verdicts  on  both  counts  of  attempted   murder  and  attempted  robbery  on  Vanzetti.     On  August  16  1920,  the  judge  sentenced   Vanzetti  12-­‐15  years  in  prison  for  the   attempted  crimes.  Following  on  to  the  second  

trial, both  men  were  then  tried  in  Dedham,   Massachusetts  for  the  Braintree  murders  and   robbery.  Both  had  alibis  for  where  they  were  

Sacco and Vanzetti await execution

at the  time  of  the  murder  and  robbery  that   were  backed  by  witnesses.  The  jury  delivered   back  guilty  charges  after  three  hours  of   discussion  and  groveling.  Both  men  were  tried   and  convicted  for  the  Braintree  murders  and   robbery.  Supporters  claimed  that  Sacco  and   Vanzetti  were  found  guilty  for  their  anarchist   views  played  a  huge  role  on  the  jury’s   decision.  Quoting  presiding  judge  Webster   Thayer,  “Did  you  see  what  I  did  to  those   anarchist  bastards?”.  Along  with  this  trial,   there  were  two  appeals  to  the  Supreme   Judicial  Court,  a  confession  from  an  ex-­‐convict   stating  he  committed  the  Braintree  murders,   and  two  motions  for  a  new  trial,  but  in  the  end   the  judge’s  final  decision  was  death  by  electric   chair  for  first  degree  murder  and  capital   crime  unless  the  defense  could  find  new   evidence.  Upon  walking  to  the  electric  chair,   before  Sacco  was  executed  his  only  words   were,  “Farewell  mother.”  Vanzetti  thanked  the   guards  for  their  kindness,  shook  their  hands   politely  and  read  a  statement  claiming  his   innocence,  then  went  on  to  say,  “I  wish  to   forgive  some  people  for  what  they  are  now   doing  to  me.”  There  is  said  to  be  a  funeral  in   Boston’s  North  End  following  after  today.  

Ask Al Dear Al,

My husband used to be a heavy drinker and come home to beat me every night.

Recently he has stopped going to the bars but he somehow continues to get drunk. How is he still acquiring alcohol, and how can I make it stop? Sincerely,

Black-eye Dear Black-eye, Your husband maybe something called a “moonshiner” which is someone who makes

moonshine, which is very potent liquor. It is also illegal to even make. If you want him

to stop you could either threaten him that you know, or just go straight to the police? I hope this helped. Sincerely, Al

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Al,

Recently alcohol has become illegal, but my brother-in-law still seems to get ahold of it somehow. He’s a dead beet drunk and it’s a huge issue to the family. Help! Sincerely,

Concerned Family Dear Concerned Family, Your loved one maybe taking part in something called “bootlegging” which is illegal

trafficking of alcohol. So he is buying it from somebody illegally which is dangerous

during these times of prohibition. You need to let him become aware of the danger he’s in before it is too late! Sincerely, Al


Women’s rights 1




Across 3. what women with jobs were able to become 4. the main right women got form the 19th amendment

Down 1. The amendment that gave women the right to vote 2. the new breed of up and coming women

Crosswords Sports 1





Across Down 4. played in a diamond and Americas sport 1. a common sport to place bets on 5. a foot race 2. played on a field with downs 3. fighting in a square with gloves Â

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