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America In Prophecy! porting this stinking mass of bloated bilge and toxic, paranoid propaganda), in the name of nonexistent or fictional “security” and alleged but largely manufactured “enemies” and terrorists, amidst outrageous new and growing atrocities instigated by our own government, against its own citizens! And America is just beginning to suffer from the plagues and judgments of a justly angry Creator, who is opposed to America’s trusted but false “god” – represented in the pagan and secret society symbol of the “all-seeing eye” atop the unfinished pyramid, on the back of the so-called one “dollar” false bill, Federal Reserve fake “United States” fiat “note” – that is presently bankrupting America.

Coming Plagues And Curses! Plagues such as whirlwinds (tornadoes and hurricanes) droughts, wild fires (written long before the recent devastating drought-induced fires in Texas), and soon more serious earthquakes and perhaps even volcanic eruptions -- among other more serious evils to come -- are already erupting across the American continent. The recent record drought in Texas, for instance, was prophetically pronounced against the errant inhabitants of the central Texas community and county of Hamilton, and the state of Texas and America by extension, a year before 9-11, in a local district court, delivered to three guilty judges, and an account of this warning was printed as a page one headline article in a briefly published newspaper, distributed throughout the county of Hamilton, Texas the day before 9/11 2001; a drought which has slowly grown and devastated the region and state in the decade since. Eleven years prior to the worst drought plague this recent year (2011), in a document filed, and noted orally in court the same day, on September 12, 2000 (but misdated, in the court docket sheet, by the visiting judge as 9-11-2000), the prophet who announced this judgment quoted “Ezekiel” 22:23-29, which indicts the false leaders who steal from, impoverish and imprison their fellow citizens, falsely charging, trying and convicting them unlawfully. These same judges refused to heed this warning, going on the next year to unlawfully “convict” and imprison this prophet five years later, where he suffered unjust religious persecutions, tortures and assorted attempts on his life in the state jails of Texas, barely surviving the year-long ordeal, where he was never allowed visits and just three brief 5-minute phone calls with his wife and children (even then, only following the deaths of a younger brother and older sister that same year, of which he was informed only after the funerals). Within four years of finally being released from these cruel and unusual punishments, this same prophet’s family was attacked, and his four youngest children seized by the state of Texas under false and malicious charges of fictitious “abuses,” in several religious persecution motivated court actions leveled mainly against him, but also including his wife, beginning when both were accused and jailed – while their youngest children were taken, forcibly vaccinated against their Page 3

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The 10th anniversary of 9-11 reveals how it was prophesied long ago... This remarkable report delves into the real reasons for America's end...