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America In Prophecy! slinging race between those who have the most money (often from ill-gotten sources) to throw into advertising, public relations lies, and media manipulations, and rigged “debates” that are really more akin to staged, well-rehearsed, and well-financed theatrical productions? The hidden but very real spiritual motivating force behind American patriotism is, in truth, the same rebellious being that led Eve astray, to entice Adam into abandoning what he knew was right, so that the entirety of their descendants – down to the present day – would live briefly under the curse of death, to eventually be destroyed, along with their rebellious mentor and false guru “god,” in the fiery judgment called the lake of fire! Every organized religion, government, foundation, commission, council, and military, media, medical, monetary, educational, corporate-industrial complex, and judicial power center in this world stems from the fruit of the selfsame ancient poisonous tree of knowledge – or, in other words, science – of alleged good that always leads to massively destructive evil in the end. Is this what stirs “patriotic” fervor for America in your heart?

Patriotism Or Rebellion? Most Americans are mass-manipulated and controlled by their own patriotism into supporting, championing, aiding and abetting, and even promoting their own political brand of divisive policies, that always leads to and results in all the social ills they are supposedly fighting or struggling to overcome. Little realizing they are the very source of all these societal shenanigans through the socialist (communist, fascist, or democratic-republican variety) programs, laws and other cunning but false initiatives, foolish Americans then fanatically support, defend and enforce, Americans are leading the world down the primrose path of false salvation through corrupt governmental power, force and flaw (false law) enfarcement. Things have gone so far south for America, it is now very doubtful if it can or will even survive as a cohesive nation to see its 250th anniversary! It probably won’t last anywhere near that long, if planned schemes of its false leaders and corrupt media/education and military, corporate, monetary, medical, and legislative alleged “law” plots come to fruition on schedule, in the very near future! Americans are being mass poisoned, polluted (Seen any illness-inducing, radioactive or corrosive chem-trails in the once clear blue skies lately?), malnourished and otherwise harmed at every turn, more than any other period in world history. Americans have been led into more self-destructive false-flag wars, thanks to alleged “attacks,” actually instigated and enacted by our own evil leaders – from the president on down – and are lied to and deceived in more egregiously harmful ways (and are willingly swallowing and supPage 2

America In Prophecy Free Excerpt  

The 10th anniversary of 9-11 reveals how it was prophesied long ago... This remarkable report delves into the real reasons for America's end...