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America In Prophecy!

The “apotheosis” fresco painted on the Capitol dome in Washington, D.C.

This will be the exact same bogus claim made by the final beast personage, to be a living “god” man, who – according to scriptural prophecy in the book of Revelation – whom the entire pagan religious and secular world will worship and adore! Unlike the demonic depiction of a false “apotheosis” of Washington and many other of America’s covert pagan religious leaders, this same prophet has long taught, for nearly three and a half decades, the true first resurrection of the elect children of the Creator Yahveh, who will return to this earth with their Savior – following the wedding supper of the Lamb in heaven – to finally and permanently dethrone this final bestial world despot and all the world’s leaders supporting him. Only then, after this singular event of the ages, will this good earth finally rest and its inhabitants finally and permanently enjoy true peace and prosperity at long last.

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America In Prophecy Free Excerpt  

The 10th anniversary of 9-11 reveals how it was prophesied long ago... This remarkable report delves into the real reasons for America's end...