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ENDORPHINS Danika Jackson, Kathryn Eischeid, and Amelia Swica

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Endorphins are an inhibitory that reduce pain and increase the feelings of pleasure. N eu ro tra ns mi t t e r s neurotransmitter is a chemical that allows signals to be transmitted from one neuron to the next one via synapses. Neurotransmitters stimulate muscle fibers and are found in the axon and endings of motor neurons. They are synthesized within the axon terminals in a nerve and are released in response to stimulus.


Neurotransmitters affect the membrane potential after the synapse. Antidepressants copy the behavior of endorphins and block pain signals. People with bipolar disorder have difficulty controlling their endorphin levels. When they are in a mania episode, they should restrain from activities that increase endorphin levels. When a person with bipolar disorder is in a depressant stage, they should participate in endorphin related activities.

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If a person is stable, engaging in healthy endorphin-elevating activities poses less of a risk because the person has the judgment and willpower to indulge in them in moderation.

History and Facts of Endorphins


n 1973, Solomon Snyder and Candace Pert of Johns Hopkins discovered endorphin. Endorphin is short for "endogenous morphine."  It is structurally very similar to the opioids (opium, morphine, heroin, etc.) and has similar functions:   Inhibitory, it is involved in pain reduction and pleasure, and the opioid drugs work by attaching to endorphin's receptor sites.  It is also the neurotransmitter that allows bears and other animals to hibernate.  Consider:  Heroin slows heart-rate, respiration, and metabolism in general - exactly what you would need to hibernate.   Of course, sometimes heroin slows it all down to nothing:  Permanent hibernation.” Diseases Endorphins alone have not

been scientifically proven to trigger mood episodes in people who suffer from bipolar disorder, but they can affect them. If a person is cycling towards mania, relief of symptoms

Wise words from the comedy character of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. It’s simple, but so true!

comes by bringing a person "down" to a balanced mood. Cycling towards depression, relief of symptoms comes from lifting a person "up" to a balanced mood, and the same activities that elevate endorphin levels are encouraged to improve

motivation, increase pleasure, and prevent excessive sleep, lethargy, and inactivity until the mood is stabilized. So, decreased levels of endorphins tend to destabilize to mental state, sometimes leading to bipolar disorder, or depression.

Interesting Facts -Endorphins appears to control the craving for chocolate and other potentially addictive substances. -Endorphins helps reduce symptoms associated with eating disorders. can cause analgesia or the lack of pain sensation -Endorphins work as natural medications against colds and other types of common diseases. Endorphins are what makes us come back to -There are at least 20 different kinds of endorphins, and one kind, love again and again. They're what makes beta-endorphins, are stronger than morphine and have been shown to love feel so good and why we long for it. play a part in everything from alcoholism to diabetes to aging of the Endorphins are neurotransmitters released brain. by the brain that make us feel terrific. They are our own little rewards system and have -Childbirth, excessive and prolonged muscle strain, and other stresses addictive characteristics. produce kicks of endorphins.

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