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Partners This project is lead by AGE, the European Older People’s Platform in collaboration with:

The European Older People’s Platform La Plate-forme européenne des Personnes âgées

ANBO The Netherlands BIVA Germany E.D.E Europe Fondation Nationale de Gérontologie France

To learn more about the European Strategy to Combat Elder Abuse against Older Women, or to find out how to get involved, write to:

50+ Hellas Greece Mestna zveza upokojencev Ljubljana Slovenia NIACE UK SPF, Sveriges Pensionärsförbund Sweden Zivot 90 Czech Republic Commune de St Josse Belgium

This project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Daphne programme.

A European Strategy to Combat Elder Abuse against Older Women

A European Strategy to Combat Elder Abuse

How will the strategy be developed?

With the support of the European Commission’s Daphne Programme, AGE is leading a network of partner organisations in the development of a European strategy to combat elder abuse against older women. The strategy will comprise:

• Work on the charter and toolkit will be led by a steering committee of representatives from each of the partner organisations.

• A European charter setting out the indisputable

rights of older people, and women in particular, who are dependent on a family member or carer or are in need of long-term care or assistance. • An accompanying implementation guide

addressing each right expressed in the charter, explaining what it means concretely and how it can be protected. Drawing on successful and innovative initiatives from across the EU, the implementation guide will address the following questions: What is elder abuse and how can it be spotted? Why does it happen and how can it be prevented? When it does happen, how should it be treated? Recommendations will be developed for European, national and local authorities, service providers, older people’s organisations and those at risk of abuse.

The focus of the strategy • The strategy will adopt a broad definition of

abuse encompassing intentional and unintentional violence, mistreatment and neglect. • The strategy will not focus exclusively on older

women and will address issues that are relevant to both sexes. • Younger groups will benefit too: prevention and

awareness-raising of those at risk must start at a much younger age. • The strategy will attempt to explore all forms of

elder abuse, and will draw on the expertise of organisations that work to tackle abuse at an individual, institutional, and systemic level.

• The charter will build on existing national initiatives such as the Charter of Rights of People in Need of Long-Term Care and Assistance adopted in 2007 by the German Government and the French Charter of the rights of older people with a disability or in a state of dependency. • A series of national workshops will bring

together a whole spectrum of individuals and institutions involved in caring for older people including public authorities, formal and informal carers, service providers, older people themselves, and experts in the field. Each workshop will deal with a specific dimension of elder abuse.

Impact of the strategy • The strategy will stress the importance of awareness-raising among all those who are involved in the care and protection of older people, and the empowerment of those at risk of, or facing abuse to protect themselves. • The charter and implementation guide will be presented to EU, national and local policymakers, disseminated across the EU. They will be taken up by AGE members as awareness-raising tools that can be used to encourage the adoption of strong guidelines at EU level, as well as national and local strategies to prevent and tackle elder abuse. • We will encourage stakeholders to support the implementation of these guidelines and develop ways to assist people experiencing abuse by, for instance, setting up reporting mechanisms.

A European Strategy to Combat Elder Abuse against Older Women  

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