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PAUSE FOR PAWS Summer 2009 Volume 2 Issue 1

Here, kitty, kitty‌.kitty, kitty, kitty!

We had an unusual call this spring from Dorothy. For the last several years, she has been caring for a feral cat colony living near her house. Not only has she been feeding them, she has captured quite a few and had them neutered and returned to the colony. She asked us to assist her with caring for the cats. Although only 5 are pictured here we have seen at least 8 ourselves when we went to check on them. We have only applause and gratitude for her devotion to these little souls. She is in her 70’s and on a fixed income, but these guys mattered to her.

_______________________________________________________________________________ Name the Newsletter Winner! Jean Bullins, the bookkeeper at McMichael High School gave us Paws Pause. It inspired us to use Pause for Paws. We thank her for the idea and will be sending her an APSRC t-shirt. THANKS, JEAN!

A Heartfelt Thanks to All Who’ve Supported Us with Donations Since Our Last Newsletter: Dr. McKinlay and the Animal Clinic of Madison/Mayodan Bernard Cates Mark Gray Huntsville School Mary Jane Barrow Shiloh K-9 Backstreet Buzz Coffee House

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bromley

Mr. and Mrs. Lindley Butler

Bethany Middle School Patsy Gwyn Leaksville Methodist Church Bethany Elementary Joni Carter

Macy J’s Grooming Boutique Trish Gwyn PNC, Inc. Lincoln Elementary Charles Mullis Kristin Stewart

Donations in Honor of In honor of Rhonda Lamb, Buffy & Cody from T. Butler

In honor of Steve Chatham from Ella Chatham

In honor of R.L. Whitfield (friend of dogs) from Triad Electronics

In honor of Rhonda Lamb, Buffy and Cody from Jane Rosen Granden

In honor of Dr. Ginger Williams and the staff at Central Animal Hospital in Eden on behalf of Henry and Gini Fleishman and their children Donations in Memory of In memory of Calla from Linda Santell In memory of Goldie and Chocolate from Chris Schultz In memory of Buffy and Annie from Patty Scott

Thanks to everyone for supporting the animals of Rockingham County! _____________________________________________________________________

Join us for some food, fun and music! Some of the events include: • • • • • •

Rabies vaccines for a nominal fee Dog training discussions with professional dog trainers Games and prizes for the kids Educational information from the APSRC Heroes Club Music from Swann Paint Dog Show – Enter your dog in the Scruffy Mutt Best in Show and you may win a Riverhouse Gift and Gourmet gift basket

Adoption Stories Poor Nikki was dumped at a local vet’s office a year ago. APSRC placed Nikki’s picture and information on Petfinder. Joan in Maryland saw Nikki and decided she looked like the perfect companion. APSRC also assisted with transportation from NC to Maryland. Here’s a report from Nikki’s mom, one year after Nikki was adopted from the shelter: “Today is a year since Nikki came to me. I am convinced that she has a piece of each of you in her! Your kind hearts and loving spirits have made her the loving, sweet little girl she is. She was so frightened for so long and hardly let me pet her for a few months. Now she is a confident, funny, and oh-so-smart companion. She is quite a diva. She is very girlie and has a little prance in her step. She loves people so much she sits at the end of the driveway of the people she knows, waiting for them to come and pet her. Most times it's 5:30 in the morning, but she thinks they know she's there. I am so blessed by her presence, and all the emails, and miles I traveled were worth it. She is loved by all who meet her and is a perfect house dog. I have had NO problems. Each day I thank God for your encouragement and offers of help for Nikki. The world is richer for all of you being in it. Best Regards and A Million Thanks, Joan and Nikki.

Here’s a picture of a very frightened homeless Nikki and a recent picture of a very happy Nikki in her forever home. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ We would love to hear about your animal adoption stories. If you have a story and some photos of a furry friend you adopted from the shelter or with the help of APSRC, and we use it in our newsletter, we will send you an APSRC T-shirt. You can either send it to us at or using the US mail at: Animal Protection Society of Rockingham County P.O. Box 13 Wentworth, NC 27375 _________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you have a doghouse, fencing or a kennel that you no longer need? APSRC can put these materials to good use helping dogs in need. Call us at 336-791-4606 or email us at if you can help us make a dog more comfortable this summer. All donations are tax deductible.

Update on the New Rockingham County Animal Shelter APSRC wholeheartedly supports the new Rockingham County Animal Shelter. We’ve played an active role in trying to get an adequate animal shelter for the county. We continue to serve on the shelter steering committee in an advisory role and we assist with fundraising opportunities. For full details on how you can contribute financially, visit Anyone interested in donating or volunteering can contact the fundraising coordinator, Julie Swanner, at 336-214-8495 or Your support is vital in order to make it happen. The shelter is expected to open in 2010. Drive 4 Shelter Smith Stokes in Reidsville is raffling off a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado for the new animal shelter. The drawing will be held in October. Purchase tickets for $2 at the Smith Stokes Barnes Street Ext. location in Reidsville any day during normal business hours! (APSRC volunteers are the ones in the blue and white t-shirts).


APSRC Needs Your Help The Animal Protection Society depends on the donations of generous and compassionate supporters like you. Your tax deductible gift to APSRC will help us save more homeless pets, prevent more unwanted litters from being born and help more of our neighbors keep their pets during hard times. These are tough economic times for us all, but particularly tough for those with no voice. APSRC is receiving more requests than ever from people who are suddenly unemployed and are having a difficult time feeding their pets and providing necessary veterinary care. Your support means we can assist families who need pet food and spay / neuter services. Together we can keep more pets at home with their families and out of the shelter. Remember that 75-80% of shelter animals in Rockingham County are euthanized. That number has recently been as high as 97%. You can help by mailing a tax deductible check in the enclosed envelope. Your check will support: •

The Food for Furry Friends Campaign to provide low income families with pet food

Spay / Neuter services for low income families. This will reduce the pet over-population problem in Rockingham County and cut down on the number of animals that go to the shelter

Other veterinary services for those who cannot afford them

Dog houses for pets without adequate shelter

Humane education in the Rockingham County Schools

Assisting with transporting shelter animals to new homes and no kill shelters

With your tax-deductible donation, the APSRC can save animals and reduce animal suffering! Help us make a difference in Rockingham County. APSRC DONATION/MEMBERSHIP FORM The APSRC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Name(s): Address: City:


Phone number:


Membership: □ Individual $10

□ Family $25

Zip Code:

□ Business $25

□ Senior/Student $5

Donation: $ Please check if you would not like your donation to be published in our newsletters. □ Donate in memory or honor of a pet or friend you’d like to see mentioned in our next newsletter __________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ □ Please contact me about volunteering. Animal Protection Society of Rockingham County P.O. Box 13. Wentworth, NC 27375. Phone: 336-791-4606. E-mail: Web: Helping Hands Helping Paws Animal Protection Society of Rockingham County

Pause for Paws Vol 2 Issue 1  

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