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IMPORTANCE OF CUSTOM SPRINGS For a very long time, people have been seeking and looking for ways to improve their lives and their living standard. This includes how to make it easier and more comfortable as well as trying to save time while doing this and though this may come as a surprise too many people, custom springs has helped in improving the lives of people. With time going and passing on, more and more people began to depend a lot on technology. This became a major part of the lives of people and this saw the beginning of people manufacturing machines that helped a lot and went a long way in saving time, making the life of people easier, improving the standard of living and generally making people feel more comfortable. These machines that have been created and manufactured by people to improve their standard of living and provide comfort are made up of small components and custom springs are a major part of these small components. WHAT ARE CUSTOM SPRINGS Before we start explaining what custom springs are we first have to know what basically a spring is. A lot of people do not really consider springs to be important or do not appreciate them and pay no attention to springs. To many people a spring is just a piece of twisted metal located in the frames of bed or a toy for the children to play with and while away time. A spring can simply be defined as any instrument that is made up of elastic properties and allows mechanical energy to be stored in it. A lot of people do not consider the importance of custom springs from the start. If some research is done, you will find out that the whole spring manufacturing companies all over the world do not make use of the same technology to manufacture custom springs. There are various types of springs and custom springs are one of them. Custom spring can simply be defined as a customized form of any type of spring. Custom springs have a lot of categories and some of the major categories include torsion spring, tension spring and compression spring. CUSTOM SPRINGS MAJOR CATEGORIES Below are some of the major categories of custom springs and they include the following: COMPRESSION SPRING: Comprehension spring can be described as the type of spring that store energy in different directions through compression of materials TENSION SPRING: Tension spring can be described as a spring that the material becomes stretched when it store mechanical energy TORSION SPRING: Torsion spring is much different from compression and tension springs as torsion springs stores energy when the material is rotated MATERIALS USED BY CUSTOM SPRINGS MANUFACTURER Because of a lot of demand for custom springs, there are a lot of companies that always like to use steel in the manufacture and production of custom springs. On the other hand, there are also companies that make use of materials like beryllium copper, titanium, bronze and phosphor to manufacture custom springs. View More .