Cyber Risk Leaders Magazine - Issue 5, 2021

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evolution that we will see in the coming years. On top of that there’s edge computing where we will also see a lot of technology transformation.” Yeong of Tata Communications says 5G and other new technologies offer a way for Tata and other telcos to look at ways to serve their customers better: “One of the new initiatives that we have, for example, will be shipping out some form of low-cost CPE,” he explains. “That allows for pop up stores or a pop-up network. We are doing this for luxury brands. That is going to change the way they do business in the future. How will 5G replace Wi Fi at home? Will a home become the new subdomain of an office for example? These are the trends that we are watching. We remain flexible to make sure that we hear our customers and pursue the innovation that is necessary. New use cases are just exploding across all sectors.” Christopher of Standard Chartered looks forward to newer tools to allow workers to collaborate and to connect with each other and with customers: “They need the same or better ways to do what they were doing in the office previously. The way that organizations now adopt ways of working will be a talent differentiator, helping to attract better people in the future.” Links to the organisations participating in the CxO roundtable are as follows: GlobalData

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