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What’s important to my mining business? Your Team The right information, the right way, the right time Your Process Flexible, scalable and integrated Your Mine One solution to report, plan and optimise

Achieve business sustainability and operational improvement with PITRAM. It is often difficult to step back from the day-to-day job of mine production and assess what is really important to the business. Where can we make ourselves more efficient? Is it material movement, fleet efficiency, shift planning or optimisation? An answer may lie in mine production management and control systems that provide the tools you need to make informed production and safety decisions and run shifts more effectively. However, it’s very easy to be daunted by the prospect of implementing a mine production control system; to know where to start and how to define what you really need to report on. Key considerations include ensuring the right technology fit for individual operations and guaranteeing solution scalability that avoids nasty growing pains in the future. Unfortunately, many systems are too cumbersome for current mine requirements and the issue often remains: can we implement a system that reduces risk and capital cost but has the flexibility to grow with our mine? Fortunately, Micromine’s PITRAM solution is the right answer to that question. PITRAM comprises intuitive asset, personnel and material real-time tracking; planning and optimisation; plus reporting and analytics capabilities. It offers mining operations of all sizes a scalable and flexible solution for maximising profitability and driving improved performance. The PITRAM philosophy is simple. PITRAM provides options in data collection methodology and then turns that data into knowledge and opportunities for sustainable business improvement.

Maximise operational productivity and performance PITRAM: easy to use, simple to deploy and fits your budget. For further information please feel free to contact us at, visit the website or call 08 9423 9033


The mining operation consists of more than equipment; there are also people, material, processes and systems. PITRAM consolidates all this information to generate a comprehensive real-time view of the mine and deliver actionable information to the right people. •

Achieve production quotas by continuously monitoring and optimising mining resources and promptly identifying poor performing assets.

Optimise ore extraction by understanding

material flow, accounting for material inventories and reconciling material movements from the mine to the plant. •

Save time for your managers and engineers by using a single validated data store and automatically generating management reports.

Continually optimise the fleet by analysing wait times and dispatching equipment to improve efficiency.

Centrally manage the hazardous mining environment The mining environment is constantly changing. Provide and maintain a safe working environment by ensuring that personnel always have a real-time view of the mine. •

Track personnel movement through a centralised control room which can provide assistance and direction in an emergency.

Monitor controlled and barricaded areas by limiting access to unauthorised personnel and tracking entry and exit by authorised personnel.

Only allow qualified personnel to operate equipment and perform hazardous tasks by tracking their qualifications, certifications, work permits and licences.

Comply with mining plans and regulatory obligations Personnel should be focussed on performing the right job, at the right time, in the right way. Allow managers to focus on people and real business issues by reducing administration and reporting tasks, and providing them with a tool to monitor conformance to plans and KPIs. •

Minimise plan variations by monitoring its progress in real-time. Supervisors can make better decisions by visualising the impact on the overall plan when it is integrated into the working environment.

Comply with obligations by tracking and monitoring critical tasks. Managers are informed immediately when thresholds are exceeded.

Manage costs by maintaining an accurate baseline of effort and materials against every activity. Feeding the planning cycle accurate information produces better plans, budgets and overall results.

Australasian Mining Review Issue 1 2011  

The Australasian Mining Review is a high quality publication that is destined to become an indispensable tool for all stakeholders and parti...

Australasian Mining Review Issue 1 2011  

The Australasian Mining Review is a high quality publication that is destined to become an indispensable tool for all stakeholders and parti...